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5 Ton 17.5 SEER Solar Heat Pump Split System by iAIRE




SHRPZ-600G00A000-0 / FEM4X6000BL



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Customize 5 Ton 17.5 SEER Solar Heat Pump Split System by iAIRE
Solar Air Conditioner Heat Pump 5 Ton 208/230 V Single Phase by iAIRE
Solar Air Conditioner Heat Pump 5 Ton 208/230 V Single Phase by iAIRE   + $11,456.00
5 Ton Multi-Positional ACiQ Air Handler
5 Ton Multi-Positional ACiQ Air Handler   + $1,273.00
5 Ton 17.5 SEER Solar Heat Pump Split System by iAIRE


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Get Paid to Go Solar: Huge Rebates & Energy Savings

iAIRE’s Solar-Powered Heat Pump Systems are an eco-friendly way to stay comfortable in your home. These heat pump systems help customers save energy, utilize green power, and help reduce their carbon footprint. iAIRE’s products do not just save you money on your electric bill, but they also qualify you for government and utility company rebates thanks to their solar-powered technology. All iAIRE products are designed and manufactured in the United States to provide cleaner air and sustainable energy.

Higher Efficiency = Higher Savings

  • Over $1500 in energy savings within the first year versus traditional furnace and AC systems
    • 85% increase in heating efficiency
    • 25% increase in cooling efficiency

Cover Costs with Incredible Rebates

  • Claim a 40% Solar Tax Credit on the purchase price and the cost of installation COMBINED!!
  • Federal Heat Pump Rebate - Earn up to $8,000 back on the price of the heat pump
  • If the total cost of the purchase and installation is roughly $24,080, the average rebate a homeowner can expect back can be as high as $15,224 for this system. This assumes that the homeowner is eligible for the entire $8,000 heat pump rebate and claims the 30% credit on their $20,000 total cost, providing them with an additional $7,224.

Green Power in Action

The SEER rating on iAIRE's solar-powered condensers is much higher than the average air conditioner or heat pump. While in operation however, these efficiency ratings they boast can reach extraordinary heights. Through numerous tests, iAIRE has found that the EER ratings on their units are well over 300% higher than the standard residential unit thanks to their energy-saving variable speed compressors as well as the use of solar power. This gives us an approximated SEER rating of about 25, something incredibly unheard of for the typical split unit condenser. To showcase this, iAIRE has set up their 2 ton residential SHRPZ-24 unit in southern Florida with a server that monitors all performance data while in use. Check out the live data here at the iAIRE Solar HVAC Monitoring Site and witness the unbelievable efficiency yourself.

5 Ton Multi-Positional ACiQ Air Handler


With its efficient ECM blower motor and factory-installed TXV kit, the ACiQ FEM4X6000BL is a convenient and efficient air handler to provide comfort to your home. If you want superior quality and enhanced comfort, look no further than this model.


  • 5 ton air handler
  • Efficient ECM blower motor
  • Multi-positional - can be installed in the upflow, downflow, and horizontal configurations
  • Factory-installed TXV kit for enhanced energy optimization
  • Compatible with both AC-only and heat pump condensers
  • Sturdy, fully insulated cabinet

5 Tons

The ACiQ FEM4X6000BL air handler is rated for an output of 5 tons. In many cases, this air handler will be larger in tonnage than the condenser it is paired with to maintain the unit's overall efficiency. Please note that for this unit to provide cooling, an outdoor condenser is required for it to function. The unit can support electric heating as a straight electric furnace or as a backup for a heat pump, offered at an additional cost to be field installed.


ACiQ offers a 10 year no hassle replacement warranty, as well as a 10 year parts warranty on this unit. For these warranties to be upheld, the unit must be installed following your state and local codes, a new and certified coil must be installed at the same time, and the entire system must be registered online through the manufacturer. After your purchase, a representative will reach out to you to retrieve installation information so we can register the product for you.

Installation and Durability

To make a more versatile unit, ACiQ designed the FEM4X6000BL to easily be installed in an upflow, downflow, or horizontal position. A TXV kit is already installed on the unit so your installer does not have to install one, decreasing installation costs. For durability, the FEM4X6000BL air handler is designed with an extremely strong, one-piece outer casing to protect the unit, and the coil is designed with corrosion-resistant aluminum.

Intelligent Comfort

The FEM4X6000BL air handler has an efficient ECM blower motor, providing a more stable temperature in your home, making you more comfortable. The control board will automatically communicate with your thermostat to adjust the output of the blower to suit your needs. With this intelligent comfort and efficiency, the FEM4X6000BL meets ACiQ's superior standards.

Solar Air Conditioner Heat Pump 5 Ton 208/230 V Single Phase by iAIRE


The iAIRE 5 Ton Solar Heat Pump condenser is twice as efficient as a standard residential split unit. A solar box equipped with chambers lined with specialty reflective film is mounted to the top of the condensing unit. Ambient light is converted to thermal energy which reduces the energy demand on the compressor.


  • 5 ton, 18 SEER heat pump condenser
  • 56,000 BTU Capacity
  • 208/230 Voltage 60 Hz
  • Variable Capacity
  • Made in the USA
  • Solar panel film utilizes all light rays and can work in indirect sunlight
  • OG-100 rated solar panel that is more than 65% effective than other solar panels
  • 10 Years Compressor and 1 Year Replacement Parts Warranty – No Online Registration Required

Go Green

iAIRE Solar Heat Pump Condensers are eligible for a 40% Federal Solar Tax Credit on normal jobs and 60% Tax Credit on low-income housing. Not only are you getting federal solar tax credits and heat pump rebates, but you are also saving the planet with Green Solar Technology. For more information on Solar Tax Credits, please see the Homeowner's Guide to the Federal Tax Credit for Solar Photovoltaics.

5 Tons

This Solar Heat Pump Condenser from iAIRE has an output of 5 tons to heat up a house with solar panels. iAIRE’s Solar HVAC technology utilizes the sun’s energy to put heat into the refrigerant. This process replaces a portion of the energy the compressor would normally put into the system from the electrical network in the building.


iAIRE offers a 10-year parts warranty and 10 year compressor warranty that will be limited to replacement parts only. Effective warranty period is 120 months from the date of shipment.

Durability and Reliability

On iAIRE Solar Heat Pump Condensers, a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) is installed on the compressor that prevents it from cycling on and off as often as a typical standard unit. This VFD massively decreases in the inrush current when turning the condenser on and also slows the speed of the compressor to keep the system running at its normal operating pressure, causing overall compressor life expectancy to be longer.

The cabinet of iAIRE units are extremely durable and last longer than the average condenser. The solar box design uses rolled aluminum chambers with the solar film applied to the aluminum. These chambers are rolled to a dimension to concentrate the solar energy to a specific spot in the chambers.

Product Specifications

More Information
5 Ton Multi-Positional ACiQ Air Handler
Weight (in lbs)175.000000

Carrier Equivalent: FB4CNP060L00

Tempstar Equivalent: FEM4X6000BL

Bryant Equivalent: FB4CNP060L00

Blower MotorECM 5-Speed Motor
Maximum CFM1750
Motor RPM570-1400
Horsepower.75 HP
Horsepower.75 HP
Electric Backup Heat Capabilities (Optional)5 Kilowatts, 8 Kilowatts, 10 Kilowatts, 15 Kilowatts, 20 Kilowatts, 25 Kilowatts
ConfigurationUpflow, Downflow, Horizontal
Filter Size19 7/8" x 21 1/2"
Liquid Line3/8"
Suction Line7/8"
Electrical208/230v 1 Phase 60 Hz
PhaseSingle Phase
Max Breaker Size15 Amps
Tonnage5 Ton
CertificationUL Listed
Height53 7/16"
Width21 1/8"
Depth22 1/16"
Warranty1 Year No Hassle Replacement and 10 Year Parts with Registration
Resources You will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to view PDF documents.
Safety InformationPROPOSITION 65 WARNING
Solar Air Conditioner Heat Pump 5 Ton 208/230 V Single Phase by iAIRE
Weight (in lbs)306.000000
AHRI Certificate Number210838005
Cooling BTU56,000
Heating BTU55,000
Decibel Level (dBA)79
SEER1 (Efficiency)18
Condenser StagesSingle Stage
Compressor TypeRotary
Liquid Valve Size3/8"
Suction Valve Size3/4"
Electrical208 / 230 Volts Single Phase 60 Hz
PhaseSingle Phase
Max Breaker Size60 amps
Min. Breaker Size36.5 amps
Tonnage5 Ton
CertificationOG-100 Certified to the Solar certification on ICC901/SRCC100
Warranty10 Year Compressor Warranty and 10 Year Part Warranty
Resources You will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to view PDF documents.
Safety InformationPROPOSITION 65 WARNING


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