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27,000 BTU 23 SEER2 ACiQ 3-Zone Wall Mounted Mini Split System - Extreme Heat - WiFi Enabled - 9+9+9




ACIQ-27Z-HH-M3B / 3-ACiQ-09W-HH-M



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Customize 27,000 BTU 23 SEER2 ACiQ 3-Zone Wall Mounted Mini Split System - Extreme Heat - WiFi Enabled - 9+9+9
27,000 BTU Multi Zone Condenser w/ Extreme Heat
27,000 BTU Multi Zone Condenser w/ Extreme Heat   + $2,180.00
9k BTU Wall Mounted (up to 400 sq ft)
9k BTU Wall Mounted (up to 400 sq ft)   + $338.00
9k BTU Wall Mounted (up to 400 sq ft)
9k BTU Wall Mounted (up to 400 sq ft)   + $338.00
9k BTU Wall Mounted (up to 400 sq ft)
9k BTU Wall Mounted (up to 400 sq ft)   + $338.00
Equipment Pad
27,000 BTU 22 SEER ACiQ Stealth IntelliHeat 3-Zone Wall Mounted Mini Split System 9+9+9 - ACiQ-27Z-HH-M3 / 3-ACiQ-09W-HH-M


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ACiQ's multi zone mini split systems are designed to give you intelligent technology and superior comfort, all at a reasonable cost. With the ACiQ Extreme Heat multi zone series ACIQ-27Z-HH-M3B / 3-ACiQ-09W-HH-M system, you get higher SEER and better low ambient (hyper heat) performance than the competition.

27,000 BTU ACiQ Multi Zone Condenser w/ Extreme Heat


ACiQ is the smart solution to adaptive heating and cooling in almost any space and climate -all at an affordable cost. With the ACIQ-27Z-HH-M3B, you can have up to 3 air handlers run off a single condenser, saving space outside and keeping you perfectly comfortable in your home.


  • 27,000 BTU, 22 SEER multi zone heat pump condenser
  • Designed to function with up to 3 attached air handlers
  • Efficient cooling from 5°F to 122°F outdoor temperatures
  • Efficient heating from -22°F to 75°F outdoor temperatures
  • Integrated Extreme Heat technology with base pan heater
  • Gold Fin full-protection coating on condenser coil
  • Quiet operation at even the highest workloads

27,000 BTU, 22 SEER

The 27,000 BTU, ACIQ-27Z-HH-M3B is designed to easily support up to 3 air handlers at up to 1.25 times the condenser BTU rating, or 33,750 BTU across all air handlers. This adaptive, inverter condenser is constantly self-adjusting to provide the precise amount of heating or cooling needed to maintain your desired temperature in each room or zone. You can set different temperatures room by room, even turn off heating and cooling in unused areas. This, combined with a high efficiency rating of 21.5 SEER, means you are buying a system designed to intelligently save you money both up front and over the lifetime of the unit.

Although the condenser is pre-charged, please note that this model of equipment does not have quick connect line set connectors and is not a self-install unit. You will need a professional to add more refrigerant and vacuum the lines as needed. Installation materials such as line sets, control wire, drain hose, whip and disconnect are not included, but are available at additional cost in the Accessories section to the right of this text. For all multi zone ACiQ condensers, a minimum of two air handlers is needed for the unit to function.

Extreme Heat Base Pan Heater Technology

Each ACiQ condenser has integrated Extreme Heat technology to maximize heat performance in extreme cold weather. Extended heat pump performance (HyperHeat) harnesses the power of inverter condenser with outdoor temp sensing, variable refrigerant flow and variable condenser fan speed to maximize heat extraction all the way down to -22°F. Plus, every Extreme Heat ACiQ condenser includes a base pan heater to keep ice from collecting on the condenser coil during heat pump operation.

ACIQ IntelliHeat Base Pan Heater TechnologyACIQ IntelliHeat Base Pan Heater Technology

ACIQ Quality ConstructionACIQ Quality Construction

Quality Construction

State-of-the-Art manufacturing is behind every ACiQ product, resulting in quiet, effective operation over a long service life. Most models have low ambient heating and cooling.

Highest Efficiency

ACiQ saves you money up front, but also over time by reducing energy bills. Every ACiQ condenser features a variable inverter twin rotary compressor, lowering wear and increasing performance. Compare specs against other brands in the same price category, and you will agree, ACiQ is the best value.

ACIQ Highest Efficiency CompressorACIQ Highest Efficiency Compressor

ACIQ Longer life, longer warrantyACIQ Longer life, longer warranty

Longer life, longer warranty

Intelligent design goes into every element of ACiQ’s manufacturing ensuring flawless performance for years. Low friction, variable inverter twin rotary compressors give bulletproof reliability. Register equipment at to extend warranty protection to 7 years parts, 12 years compressor.

Installation and Maintenance

ACiQ multi zone condensers are pre-charged with R410-A refrigerant for 25' per air handler connection. In many cases, no additional refrigerant is needed. All units are run-tested at the factory for years of trouble-free performance. Troubleshooting is easy thanks to unit's self diagnosing control board with alerts that are sent to each connected air handler.

ACIQ Installation and MaintenanceACIQ Installation and Maintenance
9,000 BTU ACiQ Platinum Multi Zone Air Handler w/ WiFi

Platinum Performance

ACiQ Platinum air handlers can be used with any ACiQ Multizone condenser or the Platinum Single Zone condenser to create a highly efficient, Hyper Heat system. This air handler can handle small to medium sized rooms using adaptive technology to constantly monitor and maintain your ideal temperature no matter what the weather outside.

  • 9,000 BTU wall mounted air handler with included remote control
  • WiFi capable using free Net Home Plus app , Google Home or Alexa
  • Easier maintenance and installation
  • Multizone compatible heat or cool multiple rooms on one outdoor unit
  • Enhanced Dry mode, intelligent sleep mode, power save mode.

Intelligent Heating and Cooling

The ACiQ-09W-HH-MB air handler includes a soft LED display on the front of the unit giving you information at a glance. The display shows room temperature by default but can also show temperature setpoint changes and mode changes. To ensure your unit runs properly throughout its lifetime, this display will also show any error codes from its self-diagnosing control board. The display can be switched off if desired, and the included smart remote has a built-in LCD display to show these notifications as well.

WiFi Options

ACiQ is WiFi ready! The wall mounted air handlers come with everything you need to control your home's heating and cooling via smart device (iOS or Android) from anywhere in the world. ACiQ is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Please note that in order to function, this air handler must be installed with a condenser and other installation equipment, available at an additional cost if not already included in this product bundle.

ACIQ Wall Mount Mini-SplitACIQ Wall Mount Mini-Split

Wall Mounted

Traditional wall-mounted air handlers are the most popular ductless choice  due to low cost and ease of installation.  Wall mounted units are located high on an outside wall, with refrigerant lines and condensation drain hose exiting the back through a 3" wall penetration.  Return air is brought in through vents in the top of the unit, and cooled or heated air exits the lower front through a sweepable louver.  Wall mounted air handlers are WiFi compatible and can be controlled by the free NetHome Plus app or by voice assistants such as Alexa or Google Home.

Smartphone App

In addition to the handheld or wired remote that is already included, wall mounted units are WiFi ready, and can be controlled from anywhere with a free app on your tablet or smartphone.

ACIQ Smartphone AppACIQ Smartphone App

ACIQ Quiet Comfort Wall MountACIQ Quiet Comfort Wall Mount

Quiet Comfort

Every ACiQ system is precision engineered to quickly achieve set temperature and hold it there, no matter what the weather is outside. With whisper quiet indoor and outdoor units, ACiQ never intrudes on your peace and quiet.

Diversitech E Lite Equipment Pad 18" x 38" x 3"

E Liteis a plastic pad designed as a mounting base for air conditioning condensers. The rugged design provides uniform and generous ribbing for optimum, self-leveling ground support without inserts. E Lite is injection molded from polypropylene, resulting in a pad that is lightweight, but not too light. A subtle texture prevents unit slide and presents a classic appearance, which is enhanced by rounded edges and a concrete gray color. Each pad is molded with its size in raised letters.

  • High recycled plastic content
  • Subtle texture resists unit slide
  • Unaffected by UV or weather
  • Uniform ribbing transfers load evenly
  • Drillable for securing unit
  • Lightweight, yet rugged
Wall Mount Bracket for Mini Split Systems

This wall mount bracket is perfect for outdoor mini split condensers. The length of the the wall bracket arms are 18 1/4" long. The condensing unit is mounted onto the L-shaped brackets and fastened using the bolts and anti-vibration washers provided.

  • 18 1/4" Arm Length
  • Weight capacity of 220 lbs per arm
  • Bolts and anti-vibration washers included

Product Specifications

More Information
27,000 BTU ACiQ Multi Zone Condenser w/ Extreme Heat
Refrigerant Charge75'
Weight (in lbs)167.550000
AHRI Certificate Number207825579
Cooling BTU28000 BTU
Heating BTU28000 BTU
Decibel Level (dBA)62.3
Electric HeatHeat Pump
Energy StarYes
SEER1 (Efficiency)21-22
SEER2 (Efficiency)23
Compressor TypeRotary
Liquid Line1/4" (3)
Suction Line3/8" (2) 1/2 (1)
Electrical208/230V 1 Phase 60 Hz
Max Breaker Size45 Amps
Min. Breaker Size30 Amps
Tonnage2 Ton to 2.5 Ton
BTU/Tonnage27,000 BTU/2.25 Ton
Mini-Split TypeWall Mounted
Zone CompatibilityMulti Zone
Ambient Temperature Range-22 ~ 122
Warranty12 year compressor, 7 year parts with online registration
Resources You will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to view PDF documents.
Safety InformationPROPOSITION 65 WARNING
9,000 BTU ACiQ Platinum Multi Zone Air Handler w/ WiFi
Weight (in lbs)22.700000
Cooling BTU9000 BTU
Heating BTU10000 BTU
Maximum CFM247
Decibel Level (dBA)38
Electric HeatHeat Pump
SEER1 (Efficiency)23-24
SEER2 (Efficiency)22.3
Liquid Line1/4"
Suction Line3/8"
Electrical208/230V 1 Phase 60 Hz
BTU/Tonnage9,000 BTU/0.75 Ton
Mini-Split TypeWall Mounted
Zone CompatibilityMulti Zone
Warranty12 year compressor, 7 year parts with online registration
Resources You will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to view PDF documents.
Safety InformationPROPOSITION 65 WARNING
Diversitech E Lite Equipment Pad 18" x 38" x 3"
Weight (in lbs)16.000000
Brand/ManufacturerOnline Supply
Safety InformationPROPOSITION 65 WARNING
Wall Mount Bracket for Mini Split Systems
Weight (in lbs)9.200000
Brand/ManufacturerOnline Supply
Length19 3/4"
Resources You will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to view PDF documents.
Safety InformationPROPOSITION 65 WARNING

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Questions and Answers

Customer Questions
Who makes ACiQ?
ACiQ is made by one of the largest HVAC manufacturers in the world. With 150,000 employees in over 195 countries, their products improve the lives of millions of people around the globe. Their manufacturing is state of the art, with robotic assembly and computer assisted quality control. ACiQ has an extremely low rate of warranty return. With the features, performance and price it's the best value you can get on a mini split.
Is ACiQ better than Mitsubishi?
Mitsubishi makes great equipment, certainly. They were first to sell mini splits in the US, and they have a solid reputation. Yet ACiQ has higher SEER ratings, longer warranty, and extreme weather performance all the way down to -22! You can spend more on a mini split, but you can't get better value.
Who owns ACiQ?
1HVAC Energy is part of a family of companies with 80 years in the industry and a long reputation of putting customers first. They own ACiQ as well as a number of other quality brands.
Who will service it if something goes wrong?
You get lifetime phone support with every ACiQ mini split. Many problems can be handled by our experts without having to call in a serviceperson. If you need a serviceperson, ACiQ shares a manufacturer with Carrier mini splits. This means that highly trained technicians across the country are very familiar with these units.
Are line sets and com wires included?
No. Line sets and control wire are not included in this system. You would need to purchase them separately. Thanks!
Does this item come with a remote or is it sold seperatly
The remote is included in this unit. Thanks!
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