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ACiQ Single Zone Mini-Split Systems

Looking for a quality mini split at a great price? ACiQ’s single zone air conditioner and heat pump systems provide a cost-effective way to heat and cool your space. With sizes ranging from 9,000 BTU to 36,000 BTU, you can find the right unit to perfectly heat and cool room additions, bonus spaces, garages, stand-alone workshops or any room in your home that needs a boost.

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For at least the last 60 years, the single zone air conditioning problem had just one answer: the in-window AC unit. Clumsy, cumbersome, leaky, and loud, it was never quite tight in its window seating and not very efficient. It was a chore just getting it out of the box, outside and in place! These window units are still sold, mostly in the south and in rental units. Happily, mini splits changed all that! ACiQ single zone mini split systems have made heating & cooling any single space simple and affordable, with a mini split for every size job!

What is a single zone mini split system?

ACiQ single zone mini split systems are designed to supply heating & cooling to a single space, offering air handler options for wall mounted, ceiling cassette, concealed duct ceiling cassette & floor mounted installation options. ACiQ makes any single room or space a breeze, literally!

How do single zone mini splits work?

A single zone mini split system is made up of the outdoor compressor unit, connected by vacuum sealed refrigerant lines called Line Sets to an indoor air handler. It is just that easy! Your ACiQ mini split air conditioner is a heat pump, so you are getting two-for-one: efficient, affordable heating and cooling for up to 1600 square feet in a high-performance system that is engineered by ACiQ to save money and last for decades. ACiQ offers single zone mini splits in 9K/12K/18K/24K/30K & 36K versions. 12,000 BTUs equals 1 Ton of HVAC heating & cooling power, so ACiQ single zone mini split systems reach up to 36,000 BTU, or 3 Ton size. The ACiQ single zone mini split carries the best warranty in the HVAC industry: 12 Years!

Are single zone mini splits more efficient?

ACiQ single zone mini splits are among the most efficient mini splits on the market today! Offering AC efficiency ratings up to 21 SEER and reliable heat to -22 degrees, the ACiQ single zone mini split lowers energy costs for a lifetime. They are quiet, powerful, and affordable, wi-fi ready out of the box and powered by variable speed inverter technology, the smarter way to heat & cool.

ACiQ equipment is built to last and maintain the highest performance standards in HVAC, ACiQ continues to raise expectations and supply the best features and pricing available in the HVAC industry.

What is the difference between the single zone and multi zone mini split?

Multi-zone mini split systems are designed to address whole-house heating & cooling. They often consist of one or two condensers outside, each hooked by refrigerant lines to an air handler, perhaps one per room, or sometime with a single air handler serving two adjacent spaces. Multi-zone systems can be complex, and are more expensive than single zones, naturally involving more equipment, accessories, and advanced engineering to deliver climate control to the entire home each season. ACiQ makes multi zone mini splits systems as well, with a system for every home, regardless of size or location!

A multi-zone mini-split system may heat or cool numerous rooms or zones within a structure, providing greater flexibility and control. In contrast, a single-zone mini-split system is designed for heating or cooling a single room or area.

When deciding which single zone mini split is best for your space, start by getting an accurate square footage measurement. Allow 1 Ton per 500 square feet as a good rule of thumb for sizing. So, if the space is 750 square feet, think 18K BTU, or 1 ½ tons. Then work down a checklist: Are there any other factors involved in either cooling or heating the space? Are there more windows than normal? Are there glass doors or skylights? How old is the building or home? What is the insulation like? Am I living in winter weather regularly below zero? Do I experience summers that have multiple days or weeks over 100°F every year? Once you consider your answers there is nothing wrong with adjusting up ½ a Ton to compensate. This will never result in any short-cycling or strain on your system. Quite the opposite: your ACiQ mini split will run more efficiently because of your careful calculations.

Choosing Your ACiQ Single Zone Mini Split

When deciding what type of single zone mini split systems to choose, most homeowners choose a wall mounted air handler. Best practices have found that mounting the air handler 6-7 feet above the floor, and at least 1 foot below the ceiling results in the best broadcast of air flow and temperature maintenance. If customers decide to use the duct system already in a home or building, they choose the Concealed Duct Ceiling Cassette option, simply installing the vent where they want it for maximum comfort and efficiency. Homeowners sometimes like the look of ceiling Cassette single zone systems, going ductless with a more seamless look. The ceiling installation leaves the rooms walls untouched, invisible. Finally, ACiQ floor mounted single zone mini splits are perfect for the odd shaped room, the attic with sloped walls, or Florida rooms and spaces with more windows than usual, or glass doors that make wall mounting difficult. You will discover that ACiQ really does have every challenge covered for single zone mini split comfort, performance, and price. Make your single space cooler & smarter today, with ACiQ from

Why Should I Choose an ACiQ Single Zone System?

ACiQ’s single zone systems are one of the most efficient ways to heat and cool a single room. They are the Intelligent choice for keeping your space comfortable while saving you money - both up front and over the lifetime of the unit.

Where Can I Install a Single Zone System?

ACiQ multi-zone systems can be installed in any room or zone where you need heating or cooling. The possibilities are endless, but include basements, attics, garages, bonus rooms, game rooms, workshops, yoga studios, convenience stores, wood shops, auto shops or any room that needs a boost.

Can I Install an ACiQ Single Zone Mini Split Myself?

Any handy homeowner can accomplish most of the installation using the included installation instructions with common tools. Standard systems will require refrigerant handling to be done by a professional. EZ Connect single zone systems have pre-charged line sets and air handlers, eliminating the need for the final refrigerant handling steps.

How do I know what size system I need?

Mini split capacity is listed in British Thermal Units (BTU) or Tons. 1 Ton = 12,000 BTU, which means that either term can be used. Start by determining the square footage of your space, then apply the following sizing guide:

  • 9,000 BTU (0.75 Ton) - up to 350 sq ft
  • 12,000 BTU (1 Ton) - up to 550 sq ft
  • 18,000 BTU (1.5 Ton) - up to 800 sq ft
  • 24,000 BTU (2 Ton) - up to 1100 sq ft

Your insulation, ceiling height and number of windows can affect sizing. For assistance in sizing your system, please visit our sizing guide.

Will an ACiQ single zone system efficiently operate in cold climates?

The ACiQ single zone and EZ Connect single zone systems will efficiently heat with outside temperatures as low as –4 degrees Fahrenheit. If your climate drops below these temperatures, you should consider adding a supplemental heat source for the coldest days.

For more information on ductless single zone mini splits by ACiQ, contact today and talk to one of our trained mini split experts. We are ready to help you find your ideal “mini split fit.” HVACDIRECT.COM is dedicated to offering the highest quality HVAC direct to the public, at wholesale prices. Call or click to Experience the Direct Difference-today!

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