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ACiQ Mini-Splits & Heat Pumps

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ACiQ offers a smarter way to heat and cool your home, office, workspace or even commercial projects! With the recent addition of split system HVAC equipment into the ACiQ product line, our range of products and systems address virtually every need: from a 9K PTAC to a 20 Ton Packaged Unit. Reliable, affordable, and backed by the best warranty in the industry, there really is an ACiQ system or unit for every project out there, whether commercial or residential. You’ll find ductless mini splits, furnace & AC systems, heat pumps and more, always at wholesale prices and powered by the most advanced engineering on the planet. 

EZ Connect

Single Zone

Multi Zone

Next Gen Heat Pump

Introducing ACiQ Systems

Single Zone

ACiQ’s Single Zone mini split systems are designed to bring superior efficiency to any one room’s heating and cooling needs. From standard in-home offices to larger, light- commercial rooms, ACiQ Single Zone systems are there to keep the space comfortable while saving you money both up front and over the life time of the unit.

Multi Zone with Intelliheat

Need to heat and cool more than one room and at lower temperatures? ACiQ’s Multi Zone mini split systems can easily heat and cool up to 5 rooms when sized properly, all on one condenser, allowing you to save on outdoor space too. With each zone being able to act on its own settings, each space can be individually adjusted based on the needs of the room, and with its integrated IntelliHeat basepan heater technology, each space will heat and cool down to -22F, making it usable in even the coldest seasons in most locations.

Central Heat & Air Systems

Still want to use the ductwork in your home but want the efficiency of a mini split? ACiQ’s Central Split systems are designed to operate at up to 20 SEER, much higher than most state minimum 14 SEER systems. While most central heat pumps only function down to 35F, all ACiQ Central Split systems can heat down to at least -4F, keeping the efficiency granted to you by using ACiQ’s technology. Need it to heat lower? No problem: each air handler can handle a backup heater coil to heat down to any temperature as straight electric heating.

EZ Connect

ACiQ’s EZ Connect mini split systems are designed to offer a simple solution for your heating and cooling needs. The pre-charged EZ Connect line sets allow for a simple installation process without the need for a HVAC technician. These systems offer all of the great benefits of typical mini splits systems, but with the additonal benefits of simple installation and cost savings!


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