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Goodman 0271F00126S 2 Speed Draft Inducer Blower Assembly Furnace







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The Goodman 0271F00126S Draft Inducer Blower Assembly is a brand new genuine Goodman OEM replacement part for use in the models listed below. This blower assembly has 2 speeds, 1/32 horsepower, 3,200rpm, and is 115v. Goodman parts are shipped straight from the factory to you. We have the best prices on Goodman replacement parts, buy now or contact our support specialists for help choosing the right parts for your system.

Used as a draft inducer replacement in these models: ACVC90704CXAA, ACVC90704CXAB, ACVC90905DXAA, ACVC90905DXAB, ACVC951155DXAA, AMVC950453BXAC, AMVC950453BXAD, AMVC950453BXAE, AMVC950453BXBA, AMVC950704CXAC, AMVC950704CXAD, AMVC950704CXAE, AMVC950704CXBA, AMVC950905CXAB, AMVC950905CXAC, AMVC950905CXAD, AMVC950905CXBA, AMVC950905DXAC, AMVC950905DXAD, AMVC950905DXAE, AMVC950905DXBA, AMVC951155DXAC, AMVC951155DXAD, AMVC951155DXAE, AMVC951155DXBA, DM96VC0453BXAA, DM96VC0704CXAA, DM96VC0905CXAA, DM96VC0905DXAA, DM96VC1155DXAA, GCVC90704CXAA, GCVC90704CXAB, GCVC90905DXAA, GCVC90905DXAB, GCVC91155DXAA, GCVC91155DXAB, GCVC91155DXAC, GCVC91155DXAF, GMVC950453BXAC, GMVC950453BXAD, GMVC950453BXAE, GMVC950453BXBA, GMVC950704CXAC, GMVC950704CXAD, GMVC950704CXAE, GMVC950704CXBA, GMVC950905CXAB, GMVC950905CXAC, GMVC950905CXAD, GMVC950905CXBA, GMVC950905DXAC, GMVC950905DXAD, GMVC950905DXAE, GMVC950905DXBA, GMVC951155DXAC, GMVC951155DXAD, GMVC951155DXAE, GMVC951155DXBA, ACV90704CXBA, ACV90704CXBB, P1257703F, P1257707F, ACV90905DXBA, ACV90905DXBB, P1257705F, AMV90453BXAB, AMV90453BXBA, AMV90453BXBB, P1257401F, P1257407F, AMV90704CXAB, AMV90704CXBA, AMV90704CXBB, P1257403F, P1257408F, AMV90905DXAB, AMV90905DXBA, AMV90905DXBB, P1257405F, AMV91155DXAB, AMV91155DXBA, AMV91155DXBB, AMV91155DXBC, P1257406F, AMVC950453BXAA, AMVC950453BXAB, AMVC950704CXAA, AMVC950704CXAB, AMVC950905CXAA, AMVC950905DXAA, AMVC950905DXAB, AMVC951155DXAA, AMVC951155DXAB, GCV90704CXBA, GCV90704CXBB, P1257803F, GCV90905DXBA, GCV90905DXBB, P1257805F, GCV91155DXBA, GCV91155DXBB, P1242203F, P1253003F, P1242205F, P1253005F, GMV90703BXBA, P1257607F, P1257610F, P1257603F, P1257604F, GMV90905CXBA, P1257609F, P1257611F, P1257605F, GMV91155DXBA, P1257606F, GMV950453BXAB, GMV950453BXBA, GMV950453BXBB, GMV950453BXA, GMV950704CXAB, GMV950704CXBA, GMV950704CXBB, GMV950704CXA, GMV950905DXBA, GMV950905DXBB, GMV950905DXA, GMV951155DXAB, GMV951155DXBA, GMV951155DXBB, GMV951155DXBC, GMV951155DXA, GMVC950453BXAA, GMVC950453BXAB, GMVC950704CXAA, GMVC950704CXAB, GMVC950905CXAA, GMVC950905DXAA, GMVC950905DXAB, GMVC951155DXAA, GMVC951155DXAB, P1252802F, P1252804F, P1252805F, P1252806F, P1242101F, P1252901F, P1242103F, P1252903F, P1242105F, P1252905F, P1242106F, P1252906F, WGFD293070V4CAA, WGFD293070V4CAB, WGFD293090V5DAA, WGFD293090V5DAB, WGFM295045V3BAA, WGFM295045V3BAB, WGFM295070V4CAA, WGFM295070V4CAB, WGFM295090V5CAA, WGFM295090V5DAA, WGFM295090V5DAB, WGFM295115V5DAA, WGFM295115V5DAB, P1244501F, P1253401F, P1244503F, P1253403F, P1244505F, P1253405F, P1244506F, P1253406F, P1237403F, P1237405F, P1233902F, P1239502F, P1242002F, P1233904F, P1239504F, P1242004F, P1233905F, P1239505F, P1242005F, P1233906F, P1239506F, P1242006F, P1228301F, P1232501F, P1234701F, P1239601F, P1228303F, P1232503F, P1234703F, P1239603F, P1228305F, P1232505F, P1234705F, P1239605F, P1228306F, P1232506F, P1234706F, P1239606F


Please note that this is not an exhaustive list. Use Ctrl+F to simplify your search. This part is compatible with the following models:

ACV90704CXA/P1257703F ACV90704CXA/P1257707F ACV90704CXBAACV90704CXBB ACV90905DXA/P1257705F ACV90905DXBA ACV90905DXBB ACVC90704CXAA ACVC90704CXAB AMV90453BXA/P1257401F AMV90453BXA/P1257407F AMV90453BXAB AMV90453BXBA AMV90453BXBB AMV90704CXA/P1257403F AMV90704CXA/P1257408F AMV90704CXAB AMV90704CXBA AMV90704CXBB AMV90905DXA/P1257405F AMV90905DXAB AMV90905DXBA AMV90905DXBB AMV91155DXA/P1257406F AMV91155DXAB AMV91155DXBA AMV91155DXBB AMV91155DXBC AMVC950453BXAA AMVC950453BXAB AMVC950453BXAC AMVC950453BXAD AMVC950453BXAE AMVC950453BXBA AMVC950704CXAA AMVC950704CXAB AMVC950704CXAC AMVC950704CXAD AMVC950704CXAE AMVC950704CXBA AMVC950905CXAA AMVC950905CXAB AMVC950905CXAC AMVC950905CXAD AMVC950905CXBA AMVC950905DXAA AMVC950905DXAB AMVC950905DXAC AMVC950905DXAD AMVC950905DXAE AMVC950905DXBA AMVC951155DXAA AMVC951155DXAB AMVC951155DXAC AMVC951155DXAD AMVC951155DXAE AMVC951155DXBA DM96VC0453BXAA DM96VC0704CXAA DM96VC0905CXAA DM96VC0905DXAA DM96VC1155DXAA GCV90704CXA/P1257803F GCV90704CXBA GCV90704CXBB GCV90905DXA/P1257805F GCV90905DXBA GCV90905DXBB GCV91155DXBA GCV91155DXBB GCVC90704CXAA GCVC90704CXAB GCVC90905DXAA GCVC90905DXAB GCVC91155DXAA GCVC91155DXAB GCVC91155DXAC GCVC91155DXAF GMV90703BXA/P1257607F GMV90703BXA/P1257610F GMV90703BXBA GMV90704CXA/P1257603F GMV90905CXA/P1257609F GMV90905CXA/P1257611F GMV90905CXBA GMV90905DXA/P1257605F GMV91155DXA/P1257606F GMV91155DXBA GMV950453BXAB GMV950453BXBA GMV950453BXBB GMV950704CXAB GMV950704CXBA GMV950704CXBB GMV950905DXBA GMV950905DXBB GMV951155DXAB GMV951155DXBA GMV951155DXBB GMV951155DXBC GMVC950453BXAA GMVC950453BXAB GMVC950453BXAC GMVC950453BXAD GMVC950453BXAE GMVC950453BXBA GMVC950704CXAA GMVC950704CXAB GMVC950704CXAC GMVC950704CXAD GMVC950704CXAE GMVC950704CXBA GMVC950905CXAA GMVC950905CXAB GMVC950905CXAC GMVC950905CXAD GMVC950905CXBA GMVC950905DXAA GMVC950905DXAB GMVC950905DXAC GMVC950905DXAD GMVC950905DXAE GMVC950905DXBA GMVC951155DXAA GMVC951155DXAB GMVC951155DXAC GMVC951155DXAD GMVC951155DXAE GMVC951155DXBA GUVA045AX30/P1228301F GUVA045AX30/P1232501F GUVA045BX30/P1234701F GUVA070AX40/P1228303F GUVA070AX40/P1232503F GUVA070BX40/P1234703F GUVA090AX50/P1228305F GUVA090AX50/P1232505F GUVA090BX50/P1234705F GUVA115AX50/P1228306F GUVA115AX50/P1232506F GUVA115BX50/P1234706F XF9V0453A/P1244501F XF9V0453B/P1253401F XF9V0704A/P1244503F XF9V0704B/P1253403F XF9V0905A/P1244505F XF9V0905B/P1253405F XF9V1155A/P1244506F XF9V1155B/P125

Product Specifications

More Information
Goodman 0271F00126S 2 Speed Draft Inducer Blower Assembly Furnace
SKU 0271F00126S
Weight (in lbs) 7.500000
Brand/Manufacturer Goodman
Motor RPM 3200RPM
Horsepower 1/32hp
Electrical 115v
Length 12.5"
Height 12.2"
Width 10.2"
Safety Information PROPOSITION 65 WARNING


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