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How Well Does MRCOOL Mini Split Heat?

One of the leading low cost mini split brands is MRCOOL. These mini split units are specifically known for their ease of installation, particularly in their DIY systems, and their heating and cooling capabilities.

Mini splits are heat pumps, and therefore can provide both heating and cooling. This heating capability is a key feature of ductless mini split systems. Rather than having a separate furnace and air conditioner like a conventional HVAC system, households can do both with one mini split system.

MRCOOL mini splits are able to heat just as well as they're able to cool. All you need to do is select between the operating modes to activate the heat. Many MRCOOL mini splits come with multiple operating modes, such as heat, cool, fan-only, and some even have dehumidification.

Does MRCOOL Mini Split Heat and Cool?


While a heat pump doesn’t directly heat or cool air, they do move air through a refrigeration transfer process, making them more efficient for both heating and cooling processes.

The effectiveness of a MRCOOL mini split system largely depends on what model you select. MRCOOL mini splits are available in models that range from single zone to four zone systems. Zones refer to the number of indoor air handlers the outdoor condenser is able to support.

Generally speaking, the more zones, the greater the heating potential. Another factor that influences heating potential is the number of BTUs the system is rated for. Again, the greater the BTU rating, the more space a system is able to treat.

For example, 10,000 BTUs is able to comfortably adjust the temperature for about 450 square feet. Depending on the floor plan of your home, a system rated for 24,000 BTUs could treat up to 1,500 square feet. To get the most out of a MRCOOL mini split, it's important to select the right model for your property's heating and cooling needs.

How Good are Mini Splits for Heating?

Just as a split system offers an alternative to conventional air conditioning systems, they also offer an alternative to the conventional furnace. And the key benefits are the same for heating capacity as they are for cooling. These benefits include:

  • Enhanced efficiency: Mini splits don't generate heat, they work to transfer it. Noting this, it's estimated that the most efficient mini split models use up to 60% less energy than a conventional gas furnace or radiator.
  • Ductless makeup: Mini splits don't rely on a duct system to disperse hot and cool air to a property, which helps them operate more efficiently. It's estimated that up to 40% of the energy put out by a conventional heating or cooling system is lost through duct leaks.
  • Custom zone comfort: Unlike a conventional air conditioner where one temperature is set for the whole property, mini splits offer customization by zone. In other words, the heat or cold air can be set at one temperature in one zone and at another somewhere else.
  • Long lasting and ease of maintenance: Mini splits are known to last for up to 20 years and are generally easier to care for and maintain than an air conditioner. And while a  mini split may require professional installation, there are MR COOL DIY options, which offer further upfront savings.

How far below zero will a MRCOOL heat reliably?

The MRCOOL DIY cold weather performance is pretty impressive. In fact, most mini split models can effectively heat homes at temperatures as low as -15 degrees Fahrenheit. This type of performance makes it suitable for most climates and conditions throughout the United States.

There are a few factors that MRCOOL DIY heating efficiency is contingent on, however. Keep in mind that mini splits consist of an outdoor air condenser that connects via refrigerant tubing and wires to indoor air handlers. Noting this, the outdoor condenser must be kept free of snow and ice so heating capability is not impacted.

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May 10, 2023
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