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Keep your Home Warm this Winter with an Electric Furnace

Staying warm is essential for all living things. From plants and animals to humans, we need to stay warm, and our survival is dependent on it. For the longest time, the fire was the only way to keep warm. People and their animals slept outside next to a campfire. Native Americans built their teepees and longhouses around the campfires that warmed their homes. The next biggest innovation was the fireplace. This was a stone-lined, fireproof area set into the wall. A fire was lit inside and the heated air flowed into the house while the smoke wafted out the chimney. While this was an improvement to an indoor campfire, it still only made most houses just above freezing. The occupants would warm bricks and put at their feet in the carriages and sleighs to stay warm and they would put hot coals into pots and put them under their bed linens to stay warm at night. Then in 1728, the wood stove was invented. These stoves were created of cast iron and were made in quantity in the United States. The original stoves were of a German design and were called five-plate or Jamb stoves. The in 1744, Benjamin Franklin developed his own design of cast iron stove. Franklin’s new Pennsylvania wood stove surpassed the efficiency of other inventions and is still a popular heating stove today. Interestingly nearly 50% of homes in the north-east of the United States still use wood stoves as their primary source of heat. There are many different kinds of wood stoves – and in recent years, the pellet stove (a wood stove that burns pellets of compressed wood and biomass) has become quite popular. Over the years, however, the most common heating sources have become that of electric heaters and furnaces which run on gas, electric, and natural gas. These furnaces are also referred to as “forced-air” heating systems. Let’s have a look at how a furnace works.

An electric house furnace is a great way to heat your home

Buy_Buck_StoveAs one of the most common home heating systems, the furnaces work by blowing heated air through a duct system that runs through the house. Furnaces can run on different types of fuel, but natural gas, oil, and electricity are the most common sources of energy currently available. Some furnaces, in fact, can operate on both electric and natural gas – here, the pilot light requires electricity but the actual furnace itself produces heat from burning the natural gas.

In short, the pilot light is a tiny flame inside the furnace that stays on as long as the thermostat is set to “warm.” The thermostat keeps track of the temperature in the house. When the temperature goes below the predetermined temperature, the thermostat tells the furnace to make heat. When the furnace turns on, the tiny flame of the pilot light ignites the natural gas that has now been “activated” since the furnace began running. The burning of the gas created the heat that is then blown through the duct work and warms up the house. When the home finally reaches the predetermined temperature, the thermostat tells the furnace to stop producing heat.

Look into getting an electric house furnace!

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November 13, 2017
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