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What are the Different Furnaces Used for Home Heating?

If you live in a state where the winters are severe, then a furnace will undoubtedly be the best heating solution for you. There are many unique advantages offered by a furnace that you simply won’t find with other systems designed for more temperate climates.
  • Furnaces create their own heat using a dedicated energy source which allows them to provide warm air in your home, no matter what the conditions are outside. Heat pumps and split units simply convert energy from outside of your home.
  • A furnace will typically be more cost effective than a heat pump, due to the lower installation price. It’s not unusual to save up to $1000 on installation costs for larger systems (depending on the amount of ducting that is needed).
  • Furnaces used for home heating are exceptionally reliable and can get you through the coldest winters. If you are using solid fuel, then you’ll even be able to warm your home when the utilities are out.

Gas Furnaces for Cost-Effective and Efficient Heating

Gas furnaces are more efficient and cost-effective when compared to electric furnaces. If you will be running a furnace for most of the winter and even in autumn, gas is an ideal solution. In some states, the cost of gas heating could be up to 70% less expensive than electricity Gas furnaces also provide heat almost instantly, whereas electric systems can take some time before the coils reach optimum temperature. This makes a gas furnace more convenient and eliminates wasted energy during startup.

Wood Furnaces That Burn Clean and Work Year Round

Recommended BTUs for Your FurnaceA wood furnace could also be a smart choice for your home, especially if you have a convenient supply of firewood either from your own property or from a local dealer. In most cases, a wood furnace will be cheaper to run than oil, natural gas, and coal.

Additionally, wood prices are relatively stable, eliminating fluctuations in your heating bill throughout the winter months. This is perfect when you run on a tight budget or if you simply want to make your home finances more fixed and predictable. Wood is carbon neutral, so a wood furnace is the best choice if you want to minimize your impact on the environment. With pellet systems, the heating fuel is made from waste products and recycled wood from industry. Keep in mind that wood releases nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide when combusted, so you must design and install an efficient exhaust system.

Coal Furnaces for Modern Homes

Coal is readily available throughout the United States, making it an ideal choice for home heating. Modern coal furnaces are user-friendly and highly efficient. You’ll be able to store solid fuel throughout the year so that you will always have heat when you need it. Coal is nowhere near the most popular fuel for home furnaces, but it’s one that is well worth considering. Coal is more abundant than both natural gas and oil, so choosing this type of furnace could protect you from price fluctuations in the future.

The Difference Between Upflow and Downflow Variable Speed Furnaces

In addition to deciding on the type of fuel you will use, you’ll also need to determine whether you install a downflow or upflow variable speed furnace. Upflow variable speed furnaces are the most efficient type and the least costly to install because they rely on the natural properties of rising heat to distribute warm air around the ducting in your home. If you have a basement or suitable space in a garage, then upflow furnaces are worth looking at. Downflow variable speed furnaces take air from above the appliance, warm it, and then distribute it throughout your home. This type of furnace is often installed in an attic space and requires a reinforced floor base. Downflow, while not as efficient, may be necessary depending on the design of your home.

Find the Right Furnace at HVAC Direct

Whether you choose a gas furnace, coal furnace, wood or pellet furnace, or even a multi-fuel furnace, you’ll find the best selection and most competitive prices at HVACDirect. Explore our range today and take advantage of efficient heating for your home.  
December 28, 2018
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