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6,000 BTU 33.1 SEER Wall Mounted Mitsubishi Mini-Split H2i Hyper Heat Single Zone Heat Pump - MZ-FS06NAH







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Designed with enhanced efficiency and supreme comfort, the Mitsubishi MSZ-FS06NA / MUZ-FS06NAH single-zone mini-split is an ideal wall mounted unit to heat and cool a single room of your home or office. With its enhanced sensors and automatic intelligent controls, the MSZ-FS06NA / MUZ-FS06NAH is considered a superior unit from a superior manufacturer.


  • Designed to be able to heat and cool a small room in average climates
  • 6,000 BTU, 33.1 SEER wall mounted mini-split
  • Built-in I-SEE sensor and auto-controlled outlet vanes
  • Hyper Heat pump technology, functioning down to -13°F
  • Energy Star certified
6,000 BTU, 33.1 SEER

At an output of 6,000 BTU and an efficiency rating of 33.1 SEER, Mitsubishi designed the MSZ-FS06NA / MUZ-FS06NAH to be a good suit for any small rooms in ideal climate conditions. With a higher efficiency over many other options, this unit is efficient enough Energy Star certified.


Mitsubishi provides a 5 year parts and 7 year compressor warranty out of the box. When the unit is installed following your state and local codes and is registered online through the manufacturer, the warranty is upgraded to a 10 year parts and compressor warranty.

Reliable Functionality

With Mitsubishi’s Hyper Heat technology, the MSZ-FS06NA / MUZ-FS06NAH will provide heat down as low as -13°F as measured by the outdoor unit, reliably providing warmth to the room it is covering year-round in most climates.

Ease of Comfort

The Mitsubishi MSZ-FS06NA / MUZ-FS06NAH mini-split comes with an IR remote in the box so that the unit can be controlled anywhere in the room. With the Kumo Cloud, a Mitsubishi-branded WiFi mini-split adapter found here, conveniently providing you access to the unit’s controls from anywhere in the world as long as you have Internet access through the app.

Intelligent Controls

The Mitsubishi MSZ-FS06NA / MUZ-FS06NAH is engineered to perfection in its intelligent automated temperature controls. The Mitsubishi MSZ-FS06NA / MUZ-FS06NAH is designed to automatically ramp up and down depending on your room’s cooling needs in order to keep a stable temperature. Moreover, the system is built with an integrated I-SEE sensor, which constantly measures temperatures in different points in the room to change the direction of air flow as needed. Effectively, this feature allows the unit to focus its efforts on the part of the room that needs heat or cooling the most, keeping a much more stable temperature in the room than units without the I-SEE sensor. With all of these enhanced comfort features, the MSZ-FS06NA / MUZ-FS06NAH definitely lives up to Mitsubishi’s superior standards.

Product Specifications

More Information
6,000 BTU 33.1 SEER Wall Mounted Mitsubishi Mini-Split H2i Hyper Heat Single Zone Heat Pump - MZ-FS06NAH
Refrigerant ChargePre-Charged For: 25'
Weight (in lbs)110.000000
AHRI Certificate Number201754427
ControllerWireless Included
Additional InformationHeat Pump
Additional InformationMaximum Line Set Length: 65'
Additional InformationDrain: 5/8"
Cooling BTU6,000 BTU
Heating BTU8,700 BTU
Maximum CFM117-437 CFM
Decibel Level (dBA)Indoor Unit: 20-42 | Outdoor Unit: 47-48
Energy StarYes
SEER1 (Efficiency)31-42
Liquid Line1/4"
Suction Line3/8"
Electrical208/230V 1 Phase 60 Hz
PhaseSingle Phase
Max Breaker Size15
Min. Breaker Size11
Amperage Requirement15
BTU/Tonnage6,000 BTU/0.5 Ton
Mini-Split TypeWall Mounted
Min/Max Outdoor Temp for Heating-13°-75°
Min/Max Outdoor Temp for Cooling14°-115°
Zone CompatibilitySingle Zone
Operating ModeCooling, Heating
HeightIndoor Unit: 12-11/16" | Outdoor Unit: 21-5/8"
WidthIndoor Unit: 36-7/16" | Outdoor Unit: 31-1/2"
DepthIndoor Unit: 9-3/16" | Outdoor Unit: 11-1/4"
Additional InfoIndoor Unit Weight: 34 lbs | Outdoor Unit Weight: 89 lbs
Warranty10 Years with Online Registration
Resources You will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to view PDF documents.
Safety InformationPROPOSITION 65 WARNING

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Questions and Answers

Customer Questions
minimum and maximum temperatures for this unit
This unit will operate in heating mode down to -13 degrees and will operate in cooling mode up to 115 degrees. 
How much is inflation &who can do?
HVAC Direct does not offer installations. You would need to find a local installer in your area and request a quote from them. If you have any further questions or need further assistance, please feel free to contact one of our experienced customer service representative. Thank you and have a wonderful day. /p>
Does the line set length need to exactly match the pre-charged length?
The refrigerant charge listed in the specifications refers to the amount of charge that already exists in the outdoor condenser. You are able to run line sets that are shorter than or longer than the listed refrigerant charge. If you are running a line set longer than the existing refrigerant charge it just means that your installer will need to add in some additional refrigerant. If you have any further questions please feel free to give us a call! Thanks.
Can this be mounted near the floor?
This unit is meant to be to mounted on the upper wall. However, we also have units designed to be floor mounted, or closers to the floor than the traditional wall mounted here. Link provided below. If you have any further questions please feel free to give us a call! Thank you.
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Why Choose Mitsubishi Mini Splits?

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