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Heat Pump PTAC Units

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A packaged terminal heat pump (PTAC heat pump) is perfect for adding both heating and cooling to an individual room or area in both commercial and residential uses, plus hotel and motel rooms. These wall-mounted units provide any room summertime cooling and heat pump capability for winter heat, plus standard electric heat for those really cold days.

Buy an ACiQ PTAC heat pump or an Amana PTAC heat pump at the best prices you can find online. Our inventory is extensive. Choose from units ranging from 0.6 ton to 1.25 ton in a variety of cabinet styles that will fit any décor. FREE SHIPPING on every unit!

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ACiQ 15,000 BTU PTAC Heat Pump Air Conditioner Unit with 5KW Electric Heater
SAVE $333.00
ACiQ 7,000 BTU PTAC Heat Pump Air Conditioner Unit with 2.5KW Electric Heater
SAVE $263.00
ACiQ 12,000 BTU PTAC Heat Pump Air Conditioner Unit with 3.5KW Electric Heater
SAVE $299.67
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Essentially, a PTAC unit is a self-contained heat pump version of your central air conditioning system. It includes a heat pump, evaporator coils and air handler, all packaged together in a handsome steel cabinet. In cooling mode, the compressor super-heats the refrigerant, which runs through the evaporator coils and draws heat out of the room. What remains, of course, is cool air, which is forced into the room by the air handler.

In the winter, the unit goes into “reverse” so to speak. Instead of withdrawing heat from a room, the heat pump takes heat out of the outside air and forces it into the room.

One big difference between a PTAC unit and a traditional AC system is that the PTAC units we sell have “atomized condensate dispersion,” which makes a condensate drain unnecessary. The condensate (water) is evaporated and dispersed into the atmosphere.

Other features include:

  • Compressor restart delay, which gives the system time for the pressure to equalize throughout the system before the compressor comes on.
  • Thermal protection. When temperatures reach a specified limit, the unit automatically shuts off to prevent overheating.
  • Golden Fin (Perfect Aire units). Coated hydrophilic condenser accelerates the defrosting process.

For more information about these remarkable units, contact a customer service representative.

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