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Zoning and Dampers

Zoning is an efficient way to help save money on the electric or gas bills. They turn your home into a multi-zone heating and cooling system, allowing you to heat and cool zones at different temperatures rather than the entire building being the same temperature. This is especially beneficial in scenarios where you wish to continue heating one area but don’t want to waste resources on heating or cooling an unoccupied space elsewhere.


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What is zoning?

Zoning is dividing a home or building, that is being heated or cooled as a single space and converting it into a multi-zone system. This is beneficial in situations where you wish to continue heating or cooling one part of your home but don’t want to use resources on heating or cooling an unoccupied space in your home.

What are dampers?

A damper is an accessory that is used with ductwork. Its primary responsibility is to regulate the air flow to a zone in the home. Depending on the damper you select, either a circular or rectangular plate at the center of the damper will open or close to permit or block air flow. When a damper blocks air flow to a zone, that air is then pushed into other areas of the home. Zones, with open dampers, heat quicker but with less work from the furnace.

What are zone panels?

Zone panels are used to control the dampers. They tell dampers whether they should open or close to permit or to block airflow. Zone panels receive this information from the thermostat, which the homeowner controls, that is installed in a zone.

What are the advantages of using a zoning and damper system?

Zoning and dampers are an efficient way to help cut down on utility bills. They prevent your heating and cooling system from working overtime to heat or cool unoccupied spaces. They also heat or cool spaces with open dampers faster.

My ductwork has already been installed. Can I still use this system?

Yes, you can still use this system! Dampers can be installed at the same time as ductwork, or they can be connected to existing ductwork. This is done through removing a section of ductwork and inserting the damper.

How many dampers can I or should I install?

The answer to this varies based on your needs. But you can have more than one damper and a zone panel that can control multiple dampers. We have 2-zone, 3-zone, 4-zone, and 6-zone zoning packages available.

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