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Daikin ductless mini-split systems Experience the difference a Daikin mini split AC can make over traditional climate control systems and save money multiple ways when you order from the best online source for HVAC products. A Daikin mini split system provides comfort, efficiency, and versatility unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Combine that with guaranteed wholesale pricing and you have amazing value that makes a difference long after the sale.


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What Makes a Daikin Mini-Split System Different from Traditional Systems?

Most homes are serviced by traditional air conditioning systems with a single condenser/compressor, a single air handler, and a single evaporator coil. The comfort level is regulated by a single thermostat, generally located in the central section of the house. As long as everyone in the family is reasonably comfortable, it’s a great system.

But some floor plans and home layouts make consistent heating and cooling difficult. Sometimes, the addition of a room can throw the balance off. That’s when Daikin mini-split air conditioning units come to the rescue.

A mini-split system can either supplement or replace a traditional central air system. The heart of a mini-split system is the condenser/compressor – the outside unit. Here, refrigerant is compressed and circulated back inside the house, much like a traditional unit would do. But instead of supplying a single evaporator coil, the condenser supplies refrigerant to multiple air handlers/evaporator coils, which service individual rooms (zones) in the house.

What are the Benefits of Having Zones?

Each zone has its own thermostat, and each zone can be set to a different temperature. The air handlers reside in the zone they service, and do not connect to ductwork. Depending on the set-up, you can have up to eight active zones, each independent of one another. Some homeowners install mini-split systems to service one or two rooms that need extra help but keep the regular system in place.

Do Daikin Mini-Split Sytems Work All Year?

A Daikin mini-split heat pump provides year-round climate control, possessing the ability to run in reverse during the winter to heat the home rather than cool it. Daikin’s heat pumps are built to tight tolerances and employ technology that keeps them effective at bitterly cold winter temperatures – something that lesser heat pumps struggle with.

What Should I Consider When Sizing my Daikin Mini-Split System

On the left is a filter for numbers that represent the BTU rating of each air handler that is included in the package deal. For instance, 7+7+9+12+12+15 means the system includes six air handlers – two at 7,000 BTUs, one at 9,000 BTUs, two at 12,000 BTUs and one at 15,000 BTUs. Basically, the larger the room, the larger the BTU capacity needs to be. The combined BTU ratings of the air handlers should, by nature, be larger than that of the condenser outside. This imbalance is crucial for better energy efficiency and moisture abatement.

For more information about how to size your system click here

Are Daikin Mini-Split Systems Discreet?

The biggest drawback to mini-split systems is that the air handlers are indoors, visible and audible. However, Daikin’s design team has created a line of products that virtually blend into the background, and noise levels are muted to a whisper-quiet hum. The air delivery can be via ceiling cassettes, concealed duct, floor mounted units, or wall mounted units.

How Can I Learn More About Daikin Mini-Splits?

For additional information on Daikin mini multi zone systems, you can download free PDF files on topics like installation, service, operation, and features which are located in the specification sections of each product. You can also contact our highly-trained customer service team at 1-888-377-2850 or use the chat box for complete assistance throughout the ordering process. has over 8,000 verified customer reviews at 4.8 out of 5 stars.

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