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HVAC Myths and Realities: Buying HVAC Online

We get lots of questions about the legalities of buying furnaces and air conditioners online. Most of these questions start with: “The local HVAC guy said it’s illegal to …” The rumors range from “It’s illegal to buy central AC systems and heating systems online” to “If you buy the equipment online it voids your warranty” to “Online HVAC systems aren’t as good as what we carry locally” or “It’s inexpensive because it’s poor quality.” Read on or watch the video as we debunk these statements and give you the real deal on how to save on your HVAC equipment.
2 years ago
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Buy Your AC & Furnace Online and Save Thousands

The secret is out and this video tells all on how to save thousands of dollars on your home heat and cooling equipment. The average quote from a local service installer for a new air conditioner and furnace system is $7,000 - $10,000. Shocked yet? This video will show you how to save $3,000 - $6,000 on replacing your furnace and AC system. Take two minutes to watch this and it could be worth up $6,000 in savings.
2 years ago
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SEER Ratings: Selecting the Best Air Conditioner for Energy Consumption

SEER is the efficiency rating for heat pumps and air conditioners. In this video we'll review what it means for you, regarding your energy bills and how it affects the purchase and performance of your home HVAC system. As a homeowner, there is a lot to consider when making a decision on a new air conditioner or heat pump cooling system. One of the most important factors in purchasing an HVAC system is energy efficiency. And that's where SEER comes in.
2 years ago
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What is AFUE & Furnace Staging?

Now that winter is coming let us help explain the difference between AFUE & Furnace Staging. What is a multi-speed motor? What is a variable speed motor? Does this all sound complicated? It really doesn't have to be. Let us break it down so it is easy to understand.
2 years ago
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What is a Dual Fuel HVAC Home Heating and Cooling System?

Traditional heating methods, like electric or gas furnaces can definitely do the job of heating the house, but often wreck the family budget. With the best of both worlds, dual fuel HVAC systems provide you with the most energy-efficient home heating and cooling system by pairing an electric heat pump with a traditional gas furnace.
2 years ago
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What is a Dual Fuel System?

A dual fuel system is an electric heat pump paired with a gas furnace to assist in heating during colder months. A standard heat pump will operate at temperatures down to 35 degrees F, then will switch to auxiliary electric heat strips. This can lead to expensive electric bills if the sub-freezing temperatures persist for an extended amount of time.
3 years ago
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What is NFI Certificate mean

NFI is an abbreviation for the National Fireplace Institute. The National Fireplace Institute is an accredited government entity that is responsible for testing and certifying installation and service professionals in three appliance categories- Gas Burning Appliances, Wood Burning Appliances, and Pellet Burning Appliances.
3 years ago
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