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Get Indoor Fireplace advice from NFI certified technicians

When your home improvement plans include installing a new fireplace, or even repairing an existing insert, be sure to speak with experts that you can trust. A simple way to know who to trust is to look for technicians, sales people, and service providers that have been certified by the National Fireplace Institute (NFI). Many fireplace dealers, like, have NFI certified technicians on staff ready to speak with you so that you know the advice you're getting is trustworthy and accurate. The same goes for your installer - having that certification will let you know they're an expert. In this article, we'll look at what that certification really means for your home project.
2 years ago

Best Patio Heaters for 2020 - Outdoor Heater Reviews

We review our 6 favorite patio heaters for Fall 2019 and Winter / Spring 2020. Patio heaters, also known as outdoor or outside heaters, help you extend your outdoor living and entertaining. With cold weather here and ready to last for many more months, we wanted to give you our recommendations on the best outdoor heaters. We’ve included both ceiling mounted and freestanding patio heaters, covering uses for home and residential and also restaurants and outdoor event venues.
2 years ago

What is Fire Glass?

Fire Glass is granular tempered glass that is tumbled and either left in rough irregular shapes or tumbled smooth into beads or droplets. It is generally placed on in and around a fire pit burner or in an existing wood burning fireplace to replace a gas log set and grate. Instead of the fire traveling upward through lava rock or up through gas logs, it trickles up through the glass and reflects off the glass. If you are not sure what type of gas fireplace you have it is a good idea to ask to make sure you can use Fire Glass. It can be used in pre-made gas fire pits (if approved by the manufacturer) and in fire pit burners made by companies like Hearth Products Controls. Hearth Products Controls (HPC) manufactures burner kits that include a pan, a burner, and a way to control the gas. The body of the fire pit is constructed on site to match the existing landscaping.
3 years ago

Best Outdoor Wood Fireplace

The best Outdoor Wood Fireplace this year is the Villawood by Majestic. This fireplace keeps it simple and is a great value. There are very few outdoor wood fireplaces that start out around $1200. Especially fireplaces that are made of stainless steel and designed to be used exclusively outdoors. The Villawood can be installed into a framed cavity which lowers the overall installation costs compared to a masonry fireplace. The Villawood is installed with a 10 ½” outside diameter, 8” inside diameter chimney pipe (See the installation manual for venting requirements).
3 years ago

Best Gas Fire Pit for 2019

Everyone wants a fire pit that gets your neighbors and friends talking a little bit. A fire pit that is attractive but also functional. You don’t want to have to shop for one again in a few years anyway. Also, if you need a fire pit for a hotel or restaurant you will need a fire pit that has been tested for the rigors of everyday use.
3 years ago
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