What Are Furnace Stages?

Single stage furnaces have just stage of heat output: high. A single stage furnace will output 100% at all times, regardless of the temperature outside or inside the home. Imaging always driving your car at highway speeds, regardless of the recommended speed limit or road conditions. That's how a single stage furnace operates: the gas valve is either on or off.
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How Much Energy Can You Save With a Goodman Heat Pump?

Before we start our discussion on Goodman heat pumps, let's begin with a description of what heat pumps are and the role they play in air conditioning your home. A heat pump is part of a larger whole called heating, vacuuming, and air-conditioning system or HVAC in short.
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Goodman’s Gas Furnace – An Excellent Choice for a Cozy Life

We at HVACDirect sell and service Goodman gas furnaces and are entirely committed to their products because we believe they are that good. We know that when we recommend a product to a customer, our reputation is on the line. Keep reading and allow us to tell you why we agree with everything Goodman has to say about themselves.
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Goodman Furnaces: Heating Systems to Keep Your Home Warm and Cozy

The features of your furnace, such as size, efficiency, and type have implications on the amount you're going to spend to run the unit throughout the peak heating system as well as the duration in which the system will operate at peak levels.  For this reason, we recommend Goodman furnace systems, which are durable and efficient. Those who've invested in Goodman furnaces know that the brand speaks for itself. Here's why you should invest in this appliance.
3 years ago
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Goodman High-Efficiency Heat Pumps

Goodman heat pumps are designed to help you save on electric and energy consumption costs. In fact, these condenser brands continue to soar in popularity across the nation. They also work exceptionally well for families in the Southeast part of the country due to the excessive heat and humidity, which blankets these regions nearly year round. At HVACDirect, we feature top-rated Goodman heat pumps at cost-efficient prices.
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How to Choose the Best Goodman Furnace this Winter   

The winter season is rapidly approaching and many home and business owners are preparing for the cold and ice. In fact, if you have a furnace for property warmth – now is the right time to have it checked. If your unit is no longer effectively heating your home or business, Goodman furnaces are perfect for replacements or upgrades.
3 years ago
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Investing in a Goodman Heat Pump System

Over the years, Goodman heat pump system has become more efficient and better able to provide you with both cool and warm air in your home. Heat pumps are perfect for moderate climates and investing in one could make your home more comfortable at any time of the year. If it’s time to upgrade your heating system or if you are building a new home, then learning about the function, design, and advantages of Goodman heat pumps will help you to make the most informed decision.
3 years ago
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Three Ways to Keep your Home Energy Efficient this Winter

It’s freezing out there, but it is possible to leave the cold outside. There are many ways to increase energy efficiency in your home during the cold winters, helping you to live comfortably and even save on utility costs. The best way to increase energy efficiency when it comes to heating costs is much simpler than you might realize. No matter where you live or whether your home is small or large, Goodman heat pump condenser unit has a solution to help keep your home comfortable this winter.
3 years ago
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Need A Goodman Heat Pump? Here's Why Goodman Makes The Best

There is something to be said about good companies that still make great, reliable products. Goodman is one of those companies. In 1997, Goodman purchased Amana so the appliances are manufactured in the same plant in Houston, Texas. Goodman Manufacturing is also now a subsidiary of the Daikin Group, the world's largest manufacturer of heating, ventilation and air conditioning products and systems.
3 years ago
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How Goodman Furnace Guarantees A Comfortable Winter

Keeping your home warm and cozy in the deep of winter months means getting more than just any old heating solution. You need a furnace that can provide top-class, dependable heat at a high quality, and with maximum efficiency. In other words, you need a Goodman furnace! We keep houses warm during the cold and chilly winter months.
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