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Is ACIQ a Good Brand?

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What is ACiQ?

ACiQ is an HVAC brand that features a complete line of heating & cooling solutions, from single and multi-zone mini split systems, central AC & furnace systems and Next Gen heat pumps systems, as well as PTACs and residential & commercial packaged units: virtually everything any homeowner or HVAC professional could ever need, at wholesale prices, direct to the public.

Who Makes ACiQ?

All ACiQ AC systems, standard heat pumps and gas furnaces and components are manufactured by one of the largest HVAC manufacturers in the world. However, because our prices are that much lower than the same exact products from ACiQ’s sister brands, they will not allow us to mention them by name! An originator of modern air conditioning engineering and manufacturing in America, this manufacturer shares ACiQ’s commitment to advanced engineering, affordability, and performance over the life of our systems, allowing ACiQ to offer the highest quality HVAC online, direct to the public at unbeatable prices.

What are the products offered by ACiQ?

ACiQ mini split systems offer a complete line of single and multi-zone air handler solutions, from wall mounted, ceiling cassettes, concealed duct, or floor mounted options available from a 115 volt, 9K unit all the way up to 5 zone, 55K BTU multi zone systems! ACiQ mini splits make it easy for homeowners to find the perfect mini split system for any home or space, affordably.

Heat Pump Systems

The ACiQ Next Gen heat pumps mean reliable electric heat no matter where you live, with Energy Star ratings and the high efficiency savings that the variable speed inverter technology allows. These inverters allow customers to vary the actual BTU output to match demand—no more using a thermostat to turn the system on and off at full power. ACiQ heat pumps combine an intelligent air handler with state-of-the-art, communicating condensers for maximum efficiency.

AC & Furnace Systems

ACiQ AC & Furnace systems feature furnaces with efficiency options up to 98%, for maximum savings and efficiency, paired with AC condensers that achieve SEER ratings up to 18 SEER, available in single and two stage versions. Once again, we find ACiQ also offering the best warranty in HVAC, 10 years when registered online.

With both Residential & Commercial Packaged units available ACiQ covers the entire gamut of packaged options: Commercial Gas/Ac units up to 20 tons, Heat pumps up to 15 tons, alongside Residential packaged units of up to 5 tons—all with a 10-year warranty!

Mobile Home AC & Heat Pump Systems

ACiQ also offers a complete line of Mobile Home AC/Furnace and Heat Pump systems, with the special sized coils so often needed for “tight fit” places and spaces mobile home owners face so often! With a 12-year warranty (with online registration), once again ACiQ offers the highest performance at the lowest costs, with the best warranty anywhere. Mobile home owners will find ACiQ offers dual fuel systems, heat pumps and packaged units for any manufactured home space!

Is ACiQ a good brand?

As compared to either end of the spectrum, from Mr. Cool to Mitsubishi mini splits for instance, ACiQ mini split systems were designed to outperform industry standards while offering the lowest prices in the online marketplace. Their mission was a fundamental change in how HVAC was marketed, shopped for, and purchased by the public when they began formulating their product line several years ago. Unlike Mr. Cool, ACiQ offers and entire suite of high-performance HVAC solutions, from packaged units to high efficiency AC/furnace systems and much more! At ACiQ options matter more than one-size-fits-all offerings.

By combining all the tech and convenience features they know homeowners and professionals alike want, and due to advanced engineering and variable speed technology, ACiQ is able to offer a better warranty than Mitsubishi (which requires installation by Mitsubishi certified pros only for their 12-year warranty, very costly), in fact the best in the business, 12 years without simple online registration. They do this while also exceeding Mr. Cool and Mitsubishi in performance standards available, like SEER ratings (AC efficiency ratings), Reliable heat to as low as 22 below zero, and best of all, better prices!

SEER Rating

SEER ratings and extreme heat ability matter for several reasons: energy savings, lifelong efficiency, and comfort and especially confidence under challenging conditions. The ACiQ Next gen heat pumps, for example, outperform Mr. Cool in each of these categories:

  • SEER Rating
  • Extreme Heat Ability below zero
  • Warranty
  • Inverter Technology

So, whether homeowners or pros value performance, savings, energy efficiency, design, or warranty most of all, the answer looks the same: ACiQ is better or best in all the categories that matter most to consumers and homeowners alike. With so many options available, and so many efficiency and price options on the table, homeowners can choose from:

  • Single or Multi-zone Mini Split Systems in wall mounted, ceiling cassette, concealed duct, or floor mounted options
  • Residential & Commercial Packaged Units from 2 to 20 Tons, available as Heat Pumps or AC/Gas Furnace
  • Next Gen or standard Heat Pumps
  • AC/Gas Furnace Central Air systems & Dual Fuel Systems
  • PTAC Units

In the final analysis, ACiQ is clearly a great choice for any home, either as a replacement or in new construction, in whatever configuration your home calls for. Built to last, with the best warranties in HVAC, engineered to the highest performance standards and priced to save thousands of dollars, ACiQ is available online at, for all homeowners and HVAC pros to shop and compare.

For more information on ACiQ products, contact today and talk to one of our trained experts. Every home deserves the perfect form of HVAC, and we are ready to help you find yours. is dedicated to offering the highest quality HVAC direct to the public, at wholesale prices. Call or click to Experience the Direct Difference-today!

September 5, 2023
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