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What Does Direct Vent Mean?

Direct-Vent Technology describes a gas burning appliance and how it uses two pipes, often one smaller pipe within another larger pipe, to both exhaust the appliances flue gases and bring in fresh air that it uses for combustion. They are one of the safest, most convenient, and most popular ways of adding a gas fireplace to your home. The area where the fire takes place, often called the combustion chamber, is sealed with a glass panel and gaskets that are protected by a safety barrier screen. This allows you to enjoy the view of the fire, prevents fumes from coming into the home, and prevents already heated room air from escaping out the chimney.
3 years ago
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What is the Difference Between Vented and Vent Free Gas Logs?

When shopping for gas logs it is important to know what to expect from an Unvented Gas Log Set VS. a Vented Gas Log Set. Each is different visually, different amounts of gas are consumed, there are different installation requirements, and the heat output will be different.
3 years ago
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