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When winter winds rattle the windows with snow and sleet, there is no better defense against the bitter chill than gas heat. HVACDirect.com has a long line of gas heat stoves that provide soothing warmth and ambient charm while at the same time lending a hand to the primary heat system.

Whether you need a unit rated at over 40,000 BTUs or just a small gas heating stove for a drafty corner of a room, our assortment of gas stoves for sale has just the right one for your needs. We carry the top brands, like Buck Stove, Empire, Kingsman, Monessen and Napoleon, makers of direct vent gas stoves, ventless gas stoves, vintage gas stoves and more.

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While modern central air systems perform remarkably well in all seasons, there are times when you want an extra surge of warmth, or just want to experience the soothing glow of a gas fire in the room. For these reasons, there is nothing quite like a gas stove.

Our inventory includes vented and vent-free models. Vented models feature the most realistic log and flame combinations of any type of gas stove on the market. Because they produce smoke, just like a real wood fire would, they must be vented. Vent-free gas stoves can be placed anywhere in the room, and heat that ordinarily would have escaped through the flue is retained.

Some of our manufacturers feature vintage, “old general store” type gas stoves. These free-standing charmers are very popular, and it’s not just for their looks. Their heat output is amazing and can fill a room quickly.

HVACDirect.com also has some contemporary gas stoves that represent a new era in home decor, designed with elegance, yet equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

When you order from HVACDirect.com, you not only get the best pricing on quality products, but also fast (and in many cases, free) shipping and the support of customer service representatives who can answer questions and expedite your order.

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