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ACiQ 4 Zone Mini-Split Systems

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Oct 11 - 14

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ACiQ 4 zone mini split systems are the perfect solution if you need to heat and cool four different zones in your home all at unique temperatures. All ACiQ systems are competitively priced and include free shipping.

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Does an ACiQ Mini Split Heat and Cool?

Yes! ACiQ 4 zone mini split systems efficiently cool with outdoor temperatures as high as 122 degrees Fahrenheit, making them ideal for hot climates. They can efficiently heat, even with outdoor temperatures as low as –22 degrees Fahrenheit making them great for cold climates as well.

Will an ACiQ Mini Split System Work with my Decor?

An ACiQ 4 Zone System only requires one outdoor condenser, saving on outside space. The indoor air handler units come in a variety of options- wall mounted, floor mounted, ceiling cassette and concealed duct. All options have a sleek and minimalistic design to blend into your space’s environment.

Where Can I Install an ACiQ mini split?

The possibilities are endless with ACiQ 4 zone systems. They can be installed in any room or zone where you need heating or cooling. Some ideas and successful applications include historic homes, basements, attics, garages, bonus rooms, game rooms, workshops, yoga studios, convenience stores, wood shops, auto shops or any room that needs a boost.

Does an ACiQ 4 Zone System Require Maintenance?

ACiQ systems require minimal maintenance. Just be sure to remove and clean the hand washable filter a few times per year.

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