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Give your garage, storage building, restaurant, or commercial space a breath of fresh air with a US Fan roof exhaust fan. Family-owned, US Fan makes top of the line wall mount exhaust fans, downblast exhaust fans, upblast exhaust fans, and more. We are delighted to be a premier distributor for them, and you can count on us for wholesale prices, free shipping, and fast order turn-around. Contact our expert customer service team with all your questions and technical issues.

Exhaust fans play a vital role in maintaining air quality in rooms and buildings, helping to regulate indoor temperature and ridding the space of harmful fumes, odors, and dust particles.

Our selection of exhaust fans includes fans in nearly every size and strength imaginable, ranging from units that move air at a rate of 300-400 CFMs (Cubic Feet per Minute) all the way up to “hurricane” sized models that deliver over 20,000 CFMs. The quality construction of US Fan products ensures reliable operation for many years, performing quietly and efficiently, hardly noticed in the background.

Wall Exhaust Fans

These are primarily direct drive fans (where the blades turn with the motor) that mount high on a wall. They are designed for high velocity vertical discharge, and handle heavy, greasy air flow with relative ease. They’re appropriate for schools, hospitals, warehouses, prisons, and assembly areas.

Construction is primarily of heavy gauge aluminum, with sturdy latches that allow access for maintenance (which is not much) and strong exterior screens to prevent birds from flying into the blades. The fan cools the room, and the fan helps cool the motor at the same time with fins that are tuned to deliver air to the motor compartment.

Restaurant/Grease/Upblast Fans

Many demands are placed on a restaurant exhaust fan, but our selection of restaurant/grease fans are up to the challenge. These are upblast fans, equipped with powerful motors and upward-pulling fan blades to draw smoke, cooking fumes, and excess heat up and out of the building.

Motor rotation on these upblast exhaust fans is stout, given the task at hand. Maximum RPMs range from 1000 RPMs to just over 2000 RPMs. Some units can be converted from house current (120V) to 230 volts, while others require 208-230 volts because of their size.

Some models are direct drive, and some are belt driven fans. Direct drive fans tend to be more powerful and more energy efficient, but belt-driven fans are quieter and more flexible in terms of RPMs, so consider those features carefully when deciding on a unit to order.

Downblast Fans

While the vast majority of exhaust fans are upblast fans, downblast fans serve a purpose in ridding the area of stale air and odors by delivering a steady supply of fresh air to areas that need airflow. They are not recommended in areas where grease can accumulate.

Downblast doesn’t mean air is directed downward, into the interior. Air is still pulled upward, but with the use of a domed hood, air is expelled downward, toward the roof, where it disperses naturally. It’s a simpler operation than with an updraft fan, yet its impact on air quality is amazing.

Construction of these units with heavy duty stainless steel and aluminum, leading to many years of trouble-free service. Compared to updraft fans, downdraft fans have – by design – lower airflow capacity. Our supply of downblast fans run from less than 600 CFM to 1200 CFM.

Duct Axial Inline Fans

Axial fans create a powerful airflow than runs parallel to the shaft of the turning motor. They can move a lot of air, but not at a rapid rate. For instance, a tube axial belt driven fan can provide a cooling airflow for a very large room or open space within a building.

These are not meant for eliminating toxic fumes or providing heavy ventilation, but just provide comfort in an otherwise stagnant work environment.


Our selection of US Fan exhaust fans covers a host of needs and purposes and finding just the right one for your application can be a challenge. You can download PDF files for virtually all of these models for more detailed information, installation requirements, procedures, and more.

Or you can experience the best in personal attention with a call to our award-winning customer service team. They can help with your selection, give advice, and expedite your order from start to completion! has over 8,000 verified customer reviews with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

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