MRCOOL DIY Ductless Mini Split Systems

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A MRCOOL DIY mini split system is the perfect solution for keeping a single room or area cool in the summer and warm in the winter --- and you save big with no installation costs due to its easy do-it-yourself air conditioner installation. Ideal for additions, garages, workshops, or rooms, MRCOOL DIY air conditioning systems allow you to customize the heating and cooling in a specific space.

We carry four sizes of MRCOOL DIY ductless mini split AC systems at prices that can save you hundreds of dollars. We also offer free shipping and expert service from trained HVAC technicians who will help you find the right solution.


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A mini split air conditioner is a convenient and personalized cooling solution for homes or buildings that don’t have ductwork. The indoor evaporator air handler and outdoor condenser are connected by copper tubing and a drain line via a small hole in the wall. They’re an excellent solution for a single room and a cost-effective HVAC alternative for garages, studios and sheds.

We have an assortment of DIY mini splits that almost anyone, even people who aren’t overly handy, can quickly install. A MRCOOL DIY 12K BTU Mini Split (1 ton) A/C and heat pump can regulate temperatures in a a large bedroom or living room. For shops and other large open spaces, consider a MRCOOL DIY Mini Split 24,000 BTU that can cool up to 1,200 square feet even in the hottest U.S. climates.

If you have multiple rooms to cool, you won’t be able to utilize a DIY mini split, but please check out our selection of MRCOOL mini split 2-zone systems. These units connect two air handlers to a single evaporator with independent control for each.

Learn more about the MRCOOL mini splits and other air conditioning systems we sell by calling or visiting our HVAC information library

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