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Mitsubishi Single Zone | 1 Room Mini-Split Systems

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$100 off $2,000
$250 off $4,000
$450 off $6,000


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Save up to 35% on ACiQ & Stealth Mini-Splits!

$100 off $2,000 | $250 off $4,000 | $450 off $6000

$100 off $2,000
$250 off $4,000
$450 off $6000


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Do you have an addition you just built onto your home, a workshop or a garage you need temperature controlled and you don’t want to mess with adding ductwork or resizing your current HVAC system? Then a Single Zone Ductless Mini Split would be a perfect option for you. The only alterations to the building will be a small hole in the wall for the line sets, a pad put in place for the outdoor unit and a wall bracket installed onto the inside wall. All necessary accessories are on each product listing for your convenience.

A single zone mini split system can provide air conditioning to an add-on room, remodeled room or a room that just needs better AC coverage. Simple in concept and simple to install, ductless mini split single zone systems have been game-changers in many homes across the country. What is a Ductless Mini Split System?

Sizing your new Mini Split (for BTU rating) is based the square footage of the space you are wanting to heat or cool. The below chart is a rough estimate only. You will need a professional Mini Split Installer to give you a more accurate sizing for your specific needs.

Square footage = BTU Output

150 to 250 sq ft = 6,000 BTUs

250 to 300 sq ft = 7,000 BTUs

300 to 350 sq ft = 8,000 BTUs

350 to 400 sq ft = 9,000 BTUs

400 to 450 sq ft = 10,000 BTUs

450 to 550 sq ft = 12,000 BTUs

550 to 700 sq ft = 14,000 BTUs

700 to 1,000 sq ft = 18,000 BTUs

1,000 to 1,200 sq ft = 21,000 BTUs

1,200 to 1,400 sq ft = 23,000 BTUs

1,500 sq ft = 24,000 BTUs

What is a single zone mini split?

Mini split systems feature a single condenser, which sits outside the home, line sets and one or more air handlers inside. A single zone mini split has only one air handler, responsible for one zone (or room).

How many square feet does a mini split cool?

The coverage for a mini split AC system depends on its BTU rating. The greater the BTUs, the greater the coverage. You need approximately 30 to 60 BTUs for every square foot of area you wish to cover. For more information about sizing your system, visit our sizing guide.

Are mini splits expensive to run?

Energy efficiency is a substantial benefit to mini split systems. Due to the tight tolerances in the manufacturing process and reduced air loss in a ductless system, energy usage – and therefor electricity usage - is less than with conventional systems.

AC means more than cooling. A single zone mini split, equipped with a heat pump, can provide year-round comfort without interfering with the home’s overall HVAC system. A heat pump reverses the heat extraction process in winter, extracting heat from the atmosphere and forcing it indoors. Standard Heat Pump and a Split System Heat Pump.

Mini splits are bestsellers in today’s market, and the best brands offer great reliability as well as superb customer support. There are more choices than ever before, and it’s helpful to understand all the options before committing to a new system. Which Ductless Mini Split System Will Work Best In Your Home?

If you find out that you need air conditioning and climate control for multiple zones; be sure to check out our full line of dual zone mini-split air conditioning systems.

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