How to Choose the Right Electric Fireplace for Your Home features affordable electric fireplaces for all new and existing homes. With a full range of brands, we are committed to meeting all your indoor electric fireplace and heater needs. Whether for the home or office, these units effectively heat rooms better and faster than traditional wood-burning fireplaces, by preventing warmth from rising to the top of ceilings like regular fireplaces or HVAC heating systems. With efficient heaters and fireplaces, you can save money without losing heat – and keep your properties nice and toasty during those frigid, icy winter months.

Why Purchase Corner Electric Fireplaces?

There are several advantages to investing in corner electric fireplaces. For one, these units seamlessly blend in with any existing décor or design. Similarly, they do not produce toxic fumes and can easily plug into your regular wall outlet. Electric fireplaces are also designed to mimic traditional wood logs for that cozy, festive feeling, and you don’t have to worry about losing heat through the chimney. These units heat all rooms equally, and since these are not real flames, there is also no gas being pumped into the unit heater.

Low Maintenance Fireplaces

Why Choose a Fireplace?When real wood is burned with real fire, it creates large volumes of ash and fumes. This produces toxic odors, which can make your fireplace harder to maintain. Additionally, traditional wood-burning fireplaces emit smoke, fumes and ash up chimneys. This leaves behind harmful residue and soot, which must be cleaned by professional roofing/chimney companies. With electric fireplaces, however, you never have to stress over these problems. These units burn with clean flames and never leave behind ash or fumes to deal with.

Low maintenance requirements make electric fireplaces simpler to maintain and control. In fact, it’s as easy as turning it on, and turning it off when not in use. At HVACDirect, we are proud to offer top-notch, highly-rated, and energy efficient heaters and fireplaces for your convenience, including:
  • Dimplex Revillusion
  • Superior 54”
  • And many more.
  • Low Cost
Some traditional fireplace installs can cost you thousands of dollars. In fact, initial setup costs have and continue to turn many customers away. With this in mind, electric fireplace installs are not only energy-efficient but are also more cost effective. Initial setup costs are a mere fraction of traditional fireplace installations depending on the type and style of electric fireplace you purchase. We can find the right unit to meet all your needs within your budget. With true cost and energy-efficiency, electric fireplaces are a great alternative to pricey traditional and conventional models.

Energy Efficient

At HVACDirect, we feature many energy-efficient electric fireplaces for all of our new and existing customers. These units are perfect for those cold winter months when you normally see increased energy consumption and higher bills. Electrical fireplaces are energy-efficient, and an effective way to keep your home warm without soaring costs.


Electric fireplaces are known for their performance and longevity. In fact, electric fireplaces are less prone to problems like rust and corrosion. After years of considerable use, these units can still function like brand new. Additionally, you can have an electric fireplace installed in the center of your room or a corner for optimal heating and performance.

Easier to Install

Electric fireplaces are easier to install, maintain, and service then classic wood-burning fireplaces. As we mentioned earlier, these plug-in units use little electricity and do not produce any harmful odors, ash or residue. If you are tired of maintaining your traditional fireplace or are looking for an alternative to your central heating system, now is the right time to buy a durable and dependable electric fireplace unit. For more information on electric fireplaces, simply contact us today or visit our website.
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