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Unit Heater Buyer’s Guide

3 months ago
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5 Best Garage and Shop Heaters

3 months ago
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What is SEER?

There are many different acronyms by which efficiency is labeled. You have probably heard of some like EER, HSPF, or SEER but what exactly do they mean and what process do they use to determine these numbers? Well I am here to explain and better help you with future purchases in the HVAC world.
4 months ago
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Sizing Mini Split Zones - Video

This video explores the concepts of HVAC zones: what they are, how they affect the heating and cooling of your home, and how to size your zones when purchasing an HVAC Mini-Split system, specifically how many and what size units are needed for maximum efficiency and comfort.
4 months ago
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Use this glossary of HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) terms and definitions to make better purchasing decisions. Save time and money purchasing at HVACDIRECT.COM |Buy Direct & Save Thousands On New Furnace and Air Conditioning Systems. 5-Star Customer Service. Free Shipping. Ready To Ship. Large Selection.
7 months ago
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What You Need to Know About Furnace Filters

A Filter is a very important part of an HVAC system. Replacing regularly will not only improve the quality of air in your home but will also prolong the life of your furnace. Not taking care of the filter will result in greatly increased health risks due to air contamination and a shorter life span of the furnace.
8 months ago
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AirQuest Brand Comparison & Reviews | HVACDIRECT.COM

Willis Carrier is the father of air conditioning. In 1902, he unveiled two inventions regarded as the world's first mechanical air conditioners, and later co-founded the Carrier Engineering Corporation. You probably know the company simply as Carrier. AirQuest is an offspring of the great Carrier family tradition, providing superb quality at prices that put dependable, energy-efficient HVAC products in any homeowner's budget range. We carry only the brands that represent genuine value for buyers, and AirQuest absolutely meets our standards.

Why We Sell AirQuest

AirQuest is not content to relax in the shadow of their parent company. The AirQuest brand stands proudly on its own with a simple approach: provide air conditioning in basic, dependable and affordable ways. An AirQuest air conditioner does not pretend to be anything other than what it is - a remarkably efficient and tough unit that takes the worry out of climate control.
10 months ago
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