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Gas and Wood Stove Heating Systems for a More Comfortable Home

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There’s nothing quite like ending the day with family in front of a warm glowing stove. Keeping your home comfortable with a stove heating system is easier than ever with modern developments in both gas heating stoves and wood burning systems. The problem for many homeowners is knowing which type of system to buy. The secret to answering this question is knowing that there’s no real ‘best’ solution, but only a solution that is right for your home and your unique needs.

Gas Heating Stoves Offer Convenience and Simple Operation

With no need to collect and chop firewood, or purchase fire-logs or wood from a store, gas heating stoves are user-friendly and convenient. They offer a natural flame and a heartwarming glow that makes your living room, or any other room in your home, feel inviting and comfortable. Gas burns cleanly with up to 50% less carbon monoxide gas than coal or similar materials. Gas is also cost effective and readily available in most states. With just a flip of a switch you can turn a gas stove on, for a warmer, dryer, and more comfortable home on chilly winter nights. Gas stoves have become incredibly popular in recent years, and it’s worth considering a gas stove for heating if it’s time to upgrade your home. Of course, gas isn’t the only option, and there are some compelling reasons to consider wood stove heating systems.

Many Homes Still Prefer Wood Heating Stoves

GasStoveYou might assume that the convenience of gas heat stoves has made wood stoves obsolete, but this is simply not true. Many homeowners around the nation still prefer wood heat stoves, and in some cases, they can be more convenient than gas for a variety of reasons.

One of those reasons is that not every home in the United States has access to gas mains and storing/replacing canisters may not be practical for mountain, rural, and otherwise isolated homes. If you have a regular supply of firewood on your property, and adequate space to store it, a wood stove heating system could be highly economical. With a local supply of affordable firewood, you could find that the cost over a year is comparable to that of gas. Wood stoves require cleaning, and the startup process is a little more involved than gas, but the difference is not significant enough to say that wood is a bad choice. On paper, gas is more convenient, but this might not be a major factor for you, and modern wood heat stoves are easier to use than ever before. Another consideration is the eco-friendliness of the stove. Gas burns cleaner than wood, but the environmental impact of sourcing, processing, and delivering gas is still significant. Wood is carbon neutral because trees absorb and filter pollutants during their lifetime. Contrary to widespread belief, a wood-burning heating system is not overly destructive to the environment. If you’re harvesting your own firewood or buying it locally, your carbon footprint may actually be smaller than somebody who uses all gas appliances!

Where to Find the Best Stove Heating Systems in America

Gas or wood, the perfect stove heating system depends entirely on your needs. However, regardless of the fuel source that suits your home best, you’ll find an extensive selection of both types when you shop with us at HVACDirect. As one of the largest heating system suppliers in America, we provide the most competitive rates on the top wood and gas heating stoves. You will find some of the most trusted names in heating when you browse our store today. If your heating system has failed to live up to the task this winter, it’s time to invest for the years ahead. Purchase a new wood heat stove or gas stove and ensure that your home is warm, dry, and comfortable for your family for many years to come. Shop online and enjoy a convenient delivery service, easy financing, and live chat support for any of your heating and air conditioning needs.  
February 11, 2019
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