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How Much Will a Heat Pump Split System Cost?

Cost of a Heat Pump Split System

Thinking about a heat pump split system to warm and cool your home? In this guide, you'll learn about the total cost of a heat pump - including equipment and installation costs - so you can budget for it accurately ahead of time. A heat pump can be an excellent investment for your home, providing comfortable air in the summer, and warm air that keeps your home healthy during the winter. Heat pumps have become increasingly affordable since entering the market, but they still represent a significant purchase, and one that you will need to carefully consider in line with your needs. For homes without existing ductwork, consider a mini split heat pump for affordable and efficient indoor climate control.

National Average Costs for Heat Pump Split Systems

Before you begin to consider some of the different heat pump models that are available, it can be helpful to get some ballpark heat pump prices that will allow you to make the right decision for your next investment.

Most families in the United States pay an average of $7,000 to $10,000 to buy a heat pump system and have it fully installed by a local service company(1). Costs depend on which type of heat pump split system you choose, the size of your home and the amount of work needed to install a system safely. Instead of spending upwards of $10,000 on a new heat pump system, families can save big by ordering equipment directly from and having their new system installed by a local contractor. The average cost of equipment is about $2,500 and installation typically runs between $750 and $1,500. That brings the total average cost to under $4,000 when buying direct, for a huge savings over most local service companies. The cost of heat pumps will also vary depending on how powerful the system is. As you might expect, a three-ton heat pump split system will be slightly more affordable than a four-ton heat pump split system.

What are the Components of Heat Pump Split System Pricing?

Because of the various factors that differentiate homes, there's no way to say with certainty what your installation will look like. However, some major installation components are typical to most homes, and each of them can affect your new or replacement heat pump cost.

  • The heat pump that you purchase will set the foundation for the rest of the quote. This will be the single largest component of your initial purchase and installation bill.
  • Equipment fees are added to split system heat pump installations in some cases. This depends entirely on your home and the type of work that needs to be performed. Some contractors will charge for hiring lifting equipment, pipe cutters and other special equipment needed to complete the job correctly, efficiently and safely. Be sure to ask about equipment fees and have them included in the labor quote so there are no surprise costs later.
  • Modifications will also be factored into an installation quote if your home needs any significant work. Heat pumps typically only require minor changes for running control, power and refrigerant lines. In rare cases, you may need additional work to mount the indoor air handler properly.
  • Materials used to install split system heat pumps will be charged on the installation bill.
  • Labor for the Contractor will also be a significant component of the installation cost. For an outdoor unit and a single indoor air handler, or for a new installation with ductwork already in place, the job can be completed in a relatively short time. Larger systems with multiple air handlers, replacement systems and installations that require heavy modifications will take longer and will, therefore, increase in the cost of installation.
  • Ducting will significantly increase the cost of the job, especially in existing buildings where ducting is not already in place. Installations of packaged systems that require central ducting may increase in cost if ducting needs to be replaced or added before the system can be installed.

How to Get the Best Prices on Heat Pump Split Systems

With the unit itself being the single biggest cost factor, it makes sense that you should aim to get the best deal possible by buying direct and avoiding service company markups. You'll find the highest-quality and best-priced heat pumps for sale at As a leader in heat and air conditioning technology, we stock the most reliable heat pump split systems currently available. Take advantage of the savings available by buying direct to keep costs down without sacrificing quality. Our inventory at includes bestselling wholesale heat pumps from top brands like AirQuest by Carrier and Goodman. We offer everything from compact units for small home installations right up to systems for large homes and commercial buildings. also has free shipping on our heat pumps for even more savings. You can get started right away with our simple sizing guide to help you find the best heat split systems today.

Heat Pump Cost Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to install a heat pump?

Installation of a residential new heat pump cost ranges from $750 to $1,500 depending on the system tonnage, SEER rating, compressor stage, the type of system and other factors. In the case of geothermal pumps for large homes and businesses, the heat pump price can reach $40,000. Single-room heat pumps cost around $500 on average.

How long does a heat pump last?

Typically, a heat pump can be expected to last 15 years as long as it's properly maintained. If the pump is neglected - such as allowing ice to build up in the winter or not cleaning the filters regularly - life expectancy can drop to 10 years or less. Make sure to take care of your heat pump or hire a professional technician for regular service.

Is a heat pump worth the money?

In areas where the temperature rarely drops below freezing, the initial heat pump replacement cost will more than pay for itself. At temperatures above 35 degrees, a heat pump is up to four times more efficient for heating as an electric furnace while being comparable to most air conditioners at cooling. However, they become less efficient as temperatures drop below this threshold. Therefore, heat pumps are best for warmer regions such as the Southeast.

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November 26, 2018
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