What You Need for a Multi Zone Mini Split!

Have you been considering a mini split system for your home but are unsure how to complete setup? Our multi-zone mini split installation guide will tell you exactly what you need for your new system. Mini splits are a great option to cool and heat your home efficiently and don't require a lot of prep, so following this guide will make it easy for you to get ready for installation. The HVAC experts at HVACDirect.com are here to help clear up some common questions about multi-zone and DIY mini split systems and what you will need to install them. Let's start with why you should choose a multi-zone mini split for cooling and heating. How Do Multi Zone Mini Splits Work? Ductless mini splits provide excellent climate control over zones in your house. Since you can have an air handler in each room, you can set the temperature to whatever its user prefers. You can even control all the zones from your phone provided you have connected a WiFi-capable thermostat like the Cielo Breez. Another reason to get a mini split is the high efficiency they can achieve. One reason is that they eliminate the need for ductwork where your efficiency is leaking out the cracks. The inverter technology in mini splits allow them to vary their capacity so that you are never putting too much energy into cooling or heating when it is not needed. This also makes them very quiet. Now let's look at what you need to install a mini split unit: Cielo-breez-control What to Do to Set Up Zoning When purchasing a mini split for your whole home, you will need to consider where to place each air handler and the condenser that sits outside. Typically, the furthest you want the air handler to be from a condenser is 50 feet. The leading condensers can connect to up to five zones without additional parts and up to eight or nine zones if you use branch boxes. We recommend asking a tech about anything over five zones. If you're not sure, give us a call here at HVACDirect.com and our certified HVAC technicians will help you out. How to Hook Up Your Mini Split For a mini split condenser, you will need the same items as for a central air condenser. A disconnect is required by law, and you will also need an electrical whip to run the electricity from the disconnect to the condenser. The air handlers are all powered directly from the condenser, so you will need to find the length between each air handler to the condenser and cut the control wire down accordingly. Each air handler also requires a line set to run refrigerant back and forth to the condenser. You will need the correct length for those as well. The air handlers produce condensation during operation, so you will need a way to remove that either by gravity and a drain line or a condensate pump. Lastly, you will need something to set the condenser on. The most common options are a wall bracket or plastic pad. A great optional accessory are line set covers. These protect your line sets from the elements and provide a more appealing look on the side of your home. Multiple-Linesets Recap So, what do you need for a multi-zone mini split?
  • You need rooms to heat and cool and places in the rooms to put an air handler
  • A condenser, air handlers and all the hook-up items
  • A professional to put it in for you (unless you chose a DIY mini split system)
As you can see, it's not rocket science. With a little preparation, anyone can have a mini split in their home and save money in the long run on your energy costs. Plus, you'll be very comfortable in the process! If you're shopping for a mini split system, HVACDirect.com has a large selection. You can order a Mitsubishi mini split multi-zone system, MRCOOL mini splits and other leading brands. We have the lowest prices and free shipping to help you save on efficient heating and cooling. Multi-Zone Mini Split Frequently Asked Questions Do I need a mini split for every room? You will need one air handler for every room you want heated or cooled. However, if you have infrequently used rooms, or open spaces that can be heated or cooled by a nearby mini split, a separate indoor unit isn't necessary. This will significantly reduce your multi-zone mini split installation cost and monthly utility bills. How many zones can a mini split have? The leading ductless mini splits sold at HVACDirect.com can connect one outdoor compressor unit to as many as nine indoor air handlers. If you have more than nine rooms you want targeted heating and cooling for, you will need a second compressor unit.
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