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What Are Packaged HVAC Systems?

When searching for a new heating or cooling system, there are many different types of equipment for home and business owners to select. One economic choice which is well-suited for most residential and commercial applications is a packaged unit.

Packaged Units for Heating and Cooling

Packaged units are HVAC systems which contain all system components in one metal cabinet – the “package.” In traditional split systems, components such as the furnace, air conditioner, and air handler are installed separately. They are installed on the exterior of the home or building, either on the ground or up on the roof. There are many different configurations of packaged units available, which can provide heating, cooling, or both.
  • Hybrid packaged heating systems combine a heat pump and gas heating system to offer highly efficient heating as well as cooling in the summer.

  • Heat pump packaged systems combine the heat pump with its necessary air handler.

  • Packaged heating and cooling systems combine gas heating with electric cooling.

  • Packaged cooling systems combine electric air conditioning with its necessary air handler.

Advantages of Packaged HVAC Systems

Choosing a packaged HVAC system offers several advantages to the home or business owner, including:
  • Minimal footprint. With all system components housed together, they require less space for installation. They are a good choice for applications with limited installation space. They can also be installed on the rooftop of a building, saving business owners valuable indoor production space.
  • Convenience in accessibility. Packaged systems house all components in one cabinet, making it more convenient for technicians to perform HVAC repairs and service. With everything located in one place, it’s easy to perform necessary system maintenance.
  • Security. With their ability to be installed on a building’s rooftop, packaged systems offer added security from theft and vandalism. A unit on the rooftop is not an easy target for those looking to steal valuable copper components or cause damage.
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March 7, 2017
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