Save Money On A Ductless Mini Split By Doing It Yourself

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Save Money On A Ductless Mini Split By Doing It Yourself

You can truly save money on a ductless do it yourself (DIY) mini-split system. In fact, we feature a wide array of DIY mini-splits for home and business owners. These units are designed to secure optimal heat and cooling balance. They also have user-friendly instruction for timely installations and performance. Similarly, these units require no special tools or training and are guaranteed to secure year-round comfort for homes and businesses. From the DIY 36K and DIY 12K to the DIY 24K series, is truly your source for the best DIY ductless mini split systems on the market today.

The Benefits of DIY Minisplit Systems

All mini-split units come with programmable thermostats for added convenience. We also feature detailed product listings and prices, along with in-depth industry and customer reviews. This is the perfect way to make a worthwhile buying choice while securing the right unit for your DIY installation needs. As always, we are also here to answer any product-related questions and concerns as well.

What exactly is a DIY Minisplit?

DIY mini-split systems are ductless units that are used in homes, businesses, and office buildings. These systems have two central components: indoor air-handling units and outdoor compressors. These systems also have condensers, along with conduits that store power cables, suction tubing and refrigerant cooling. The condensate drains link the outdoor and indoor units for optimal cooling and heating balance in properties. When it comes to DIY mini-splits, Perfect Aire DIY minisplits are among the top systems on the market today. Here are some of the benefits of installing Perfect Aire units for homes or businesses:
  • These units are perfect for DIY installations for homes or offices. They feature easy-to-connect single or multiple zone ductless systems for cost-effectiveness and heat - cooling balance.
  • User-friendly instructions for timely installations. No special tools or certified training experience needed to install these popular HVAC units.
  • Perfect Aire DIY mini-splits include high-efficiency pumps, as well as 25’ line sets that are pre-charged. This enables you to hook up these line sets and electrical connections in a timely and efficient manner.
  • While you do not need to hire a contractor for DIY installations, it is important to follow all instructions accordingly. This ensures timely installations, along with the best heating and cooling balances for your properties.

Advantages of DIY Mini-Split Systems

There are several advantages of installing mini-splits for the home or office. For one, these brands are perfect for properties with non-ducted heating systems. This includes hydronic water heat systems, along with kerosene, wood, propane and space heaters. They work well with radiant panels as well, which help pocket the heat for the winter months – and keep excessive moisture and heat out during the summer season. In addition to saving money with cost and energy efficient systems, these units are perfect for multi-family homes and retrofit add-ons for apartments. DIY mini-splits also offer the following advantages for DIY installers:
  • DIY mini-splits are great for homes or apartments of all sizes. This includes properties with multiple rooms (zones), along with areas that receive too much sunlight or excessive moisture.
  • Each zone has its own programmable thermostat for true convenience.
  • Zone thermostats allow you to condition any space when occupied – and as desired.
  • These units save you a lot of time and money, as well as monthly energy consumptions costs.
  • Mini-splits truly exceed conventional and traditional central HVAC systems – especially when it comes to price, cost, and heating-cooling balances.

Perfect Aire DIY Mini-split Systems

Perfect Aire DIY mini-splits are easier to install than other AC/heating systems. These units are able to effectively cool rooms in the front of your property, which normally receive more heat from sunrays and natural light. If you are tired of dealing with less-than-stellar heating or cooling from central HVAC systems, now may be the time to consider a DIY mini-split. These units continue to soar in global popularity while receiving great industry ratings and customer reviews. For more information on DIT ductless mini-split systems, simply contact us today or visit our website.  
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