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Save Money On A Ductless Mini Split By Doing It Yourself

Save Money On A Ductless Mini Split By Doing It Yourself

Here is the big news in HVAC-

You can absolutely save more money than ever before on a ductless, do it yourself (DIY) mini-split system. In fact, at we feature a wide array of DIY mini-split options for home and business owners at low prices. These units are engineered to provide optimal heat and cooling balance, while delivering reliable heat at temperatures below zero along with high SEER rated cooling efficiency. Each of our DIY brand partners also include specific installation and maintenance manual links, while we offer expert technical and sales staff online or on the phone. This is DIY made quick & easy!


Our featured DIY partners, ACiQ, MRCOOL, and Perfect Aire require no special tools or training and are guaranteed to provide year-round comfort with confidence for homes or businesses alike. No matter the layout or size of your mini split project, has the DIY answer. In stock and ready to ship for free. is truly your online source for the best DIY ductless mini split systems on the market today, direct to you.


The Benefits of DIY Minisplit Systems

First and foremost, costs and convenience are the top recommendations for our DIY ductless solutions! We know that our customers are sick and tired of the crazy quotes they get when the so-called professional install groups come and give estimates to them. They are offered no choice in make or model, given no real insight into options, and given take-it-or-leave-it prices, with very little service. and our DIY partners eliminate all the noise and false pressure from the entire experience. You are in charge and making all the decisions that are best for you. The news just gets better from there: next comes the new rebate offers for multi-zone mini split systems under the federal rebate program for heat pump systems. This can mean additional savings up to $2000 dollars. All our DIY mini-split partners offer wi-fi capability, remote control, programmable thermostats, and Energy Star rated efficiencies for added convenience. We also feature detailed product listings and prices, along with in-depth industry and customer reviews. offers the simple, easy way to make a confident, informed buying choice online, at wholesale prices- while securing the right unit for your DIY installation needs. As always, our expert technical and sales staff are on hand to answer any product related questions and concerns, online or on the phone.


What exactly is a DIY Minisplit?

DIY mini-split systems are ductless units that are used in homes, businesses, and office buildings. These systems have two central components: indoor air-handling units and outdoor compressors. They also have condensers, along with handy conduits that store the connecting power cables, copper suction tubing and refrigerant cooling lines making for a cleaner more aesthetic outdoor appearance. These “line-sets” connect the outdoor and indoor units for optimal cooling and heating year-round, quietly, and efficiently. When it comes to DIY mini-splits, each of our carefully selected partners like ACiQ, MrCool & Perfect Aire are recognized by professionals and homeowners alike as among the top systems on the market today.


Here are some of the benefits of installing ductless DIY mini splits today:

• DIY means unprecedented savings, efficiency and engineering excellence, without the hassle and soaring costs of professional installation.

• Expert Technical & Sales staff available online or on the phone, as well as install links provided by each manufacturer for step-by-step instructions. Easy and complete at your fingertips. No special tools or certified training experience required.

• Pre-charged line sets and user-friendly hook ups for quick connections.


Advantages of DIY Mini-Split Systems 

There are several advantages gained by installing one of our DIY mini split systems. For one, these brands are perfect for properties with non-ducted heating systems. This includes hydronic systems along with kerosene, wood, propane and space heaters. They also work well with radiant panels, which help pocket the heat for the winter months and keep excessive moisture and heat out during the summer season. In addition to saving money with cost and energy efficient systems, these units are perfect for multi-family homes and retrofit add-ons for apartments.


DIY mini splits also offer the following advantages for DIY installers:

• DIY mini splits are great for homes or apartments of all sizes. This includes properties with multiple rooms (zones), along with areas that receive too much sunlight or excessive moisture.

• Each zone has its own programmable thermostat for true convenience.

• Zone thermostats allow you to condition any space when occupied – and as desired.

• These units save you a lot of time and money, as well as monthly energy consumption costs.

• Mini-splits truly exceed conventional and traditional central HVAC systems – especially when it comes to price, cost, and heating-cooling balances. For our homeowners and weekend project DIY customers this is definitely the time to consider a DIY mini split. These units continue to gain popularity with our handy customers, while receiving great industry ratings and rave customer reviews. Remember: Whether you decide on an ACiQ, Perfect Aire, or MrCool DIY ductless mini split solution you will appreciate the direct difference of shopping online at for the latest & greatest bargains on major brand DIY mini splits. - the biggest brands at wholesale direct prices. Online or on the phone.

July 23, 2018
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