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Different Condenser Types and Goodman Air Conditioner Condensers

Different Condenser Types and Goodman Air Conditioner Condensers

Condensers are the most important component in any air conditioner unit. Whether you are looking for Goodman Air Conditioner condensers or any kind of condenser for an HVAC system, there are some things that you can learn to give you a better understanding of why condensers are so important.

If you’ve ever questioned Goodman price or just wondered why a condenser is so critical, then this is the crash course that you need.

Condensers Come in Different Types

When considering Goodman Air Conditioner condensers or similar models from any other manufacturer, there are different types that suit different types of installations. Surface condensers and large condensers are used in some industrial applications. These operate in a different manner to those used for HVAC.

HVAC condenser units work with a process of heat exchange, using refrigerant gas to create cold air that is then blown out of an indoor unit. With an HVAC condenser, including Goodman Air Conditioner condensers, the gas goes through a number of tubes and fins that transfer cooled air to the inside unit.

An indoor unit (such as a split type) doesn’t actually house the condenser itself, which is why modern air conditioners can operate at such quiet volumes. If you have an all in one unit, or a window type air conditioner, then the noise will be increased because you will have fan noise as well as the noise of the condenser as it is treating the refrigerant gases.

There Are Multiple Condenser Systems Used in Air Conditioning

Goodman AC condenser units can be used in the heating and cooling of an entire home. Large condensers will provide climate control so that you’re always comfortable. Although Goodman models typically come with a single type of design, there are actually different condenser models on the market for use in different conditions. While these might not be relevant to your particular installation, it’s still important to know about the different types, especially if you are looking to buy your very first Goodman Central Air Conditioner condenser.

Air cooled condensers are the most common type used for residential air conditioning. Goodman Air Conditioner condensers are air cooled. These units are placed outdoors, rejecting heat from the HVAC process into the atmosphere. These are easy to keep and maintain because they are efficient and provide easy access for cleaning. The cleaner an air-cooled model is, the better it will perform.

Evaporative condensers are less popular and are only suitable for certain climates or installation types. They’re not highly efficient in small installations, but when installing properly in a commercial installation they can offer cost-effective climate control.

There are also water cooled condensers on the market, but they are costly and also not quite as efficient as a regular air cooled unit. They require regular and sometimes intensive maintenance, as well as an additional system to provide water cooling to the condenser. Water also needs to be regularly cleaned and tested to prevent the buildup of any contaminants.

Comparing all three, it should be fairly obvious that air cooling is the way to go when you need a condenser for your home or small business.

Choosing the Best Air Conditioner Condenser Unit for Your Needs

If you need to cool your home then you need a reliable condenser from a trusted brand. Goodman central air conditioner condensers offer some of the best prices to performance figures on the market, while also providing highly efficient cooling that will reduce your energy costs. When directly compared to competing units on the market, you save a significant amount of money over the total length of ownership.

If you want better climate control with a highly efficient unit, then it’s time to explore the range at HVAC Direct. We have a complete inventory of Goodman AC condenser units, as well as other options that could be suited to your home. With the most competitive prices and shipping throughout the United States, there’s no better place to shop for your next air conditioner.

May 21, 2018
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