Daikin Commercial Split System Units

Add convenience, versatility, and premium climate control to your commercial space with a Daikin split system air conditioner. Daikin is the No. 1 producer of HVAC products worldwide, and we offer the lowest prices, free shipping, and fast order turnaround.

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Our product pages are grouped into each of the two major components of a split system – (1) the air conditioner, which includes the compressor and condenser, and the (2) the air handler, which includes the air handler and the evaporator coil. Some of the models are heat pumps, which are air conditioners that work in reverse during winter months, providing heat instead of cooling.

Daikin Commercial Air Conditioners

Our selection of Daikin AC units and Daikin heat pumps range in capacity from three-ton, sufficient for a small space or building, up to 10-ton, large enough for a small store, restaurant, or office. They are all three-phase systems, which likely differs from what you’re used to with a home AC, which is typically single phase. Three-phase delivers more power at the moment of demand, resulting in greater efficiency and less waste of energy.

In addition to three-phase power, our Daikin air conditioners use powerful scroll type compressors, representing the upper tier of AC compressors. They get more production with less effort, saving energy in the process and ensuring a longer life span.

The outer shell is heavy gauge, powder coated steel that can stand up to the extremes of weather. Powder coating is a superior painting technique that uses electric polarity to force the paint – in powder form initially – to adhere securely to the metal. The metal is then more resistant to scuffing, dust, heat, and having rocks thrown at it by the lawn mower.

Daikin Commercial Heat Pumps

A heat pump is merely an air conditioner capable of working in reverse to provide heat instead of cooling. In the summer, the heat pump withdraws heat from the interior and expels it to the outside. Then, in winter, the process is reversed, with the heat pump withdrawing heat from the outside air and forcing it indoors.

The biggest drawback to a heat pump – especially a first generation heat pump – is that it loses effectiveness when the outside air temperature falls below 35° F. The scroll compressor, which has already earned its keep with its dependable operation, helps with variable speeds to make the heat transfer more efficient.

Daikin Commercial Air Handlers

Completing the AC system is the air handler, the force behind the cooling (or warming) breeze. Daikin commercial air handlers are designed for high demand and high expectations. Our models can be configured to either upflow or horizontal flow usage, making installation a little easier in places where space is limited or is odd-shaped.

Two-speed blower motors help cut down on cold drafts and make better use of energy than traditional blower motors, and the circuitry throughout the unit is designed to interface easily with other Daikin products.

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