Best Ways to Heat and Cool Your Mobile Home

Best Ways to Heat and Cool Your Mobile Home

This article is a review of what we consider to be the best choices in heating and air products. The manufacturers of these products understand the challenges of heating and cooling a mobile home, and they understand what customers want and need. Competing in the mobile home HVAC product market is not a sideline or afterthought to them.

Best Overall Value

As a mini split, the ACiQ EZ Connect boasts 12,000 BTUs of cooling power that can be fine-tuned for ultimate comfort where it’s needed most. The wall-mounted air handler does the heavy lifting, and with Wi-Fi capability, it can make adjustments without you even being home. A benefit to this unit is that no ductwork is needed for installation. All the cool air comes from the air handler. In the winter, a state-of-the-art heat pump reverses to provide warmth. This system is manufactured to be owner-installed if desired. If you have a modest command of handyman skills, you can handle this DIY project in a day. Refrigerant lines are pre-charged at the factory, and mounting hardware lines up and connects with ease. This system has a 22 SEER rating, which tops energy efficiency standards in every state by a wide margin. ACiQ offers an outstanding 12-year warranty on the compressor and five years on parts. The warranty on this system says as much about the quality of its workmanship as it does the generosity of the manufacturer.

Most Efficient

This Perfect Aire 18,000 BTU system boasts a 23.3 SEER rating, one of the highest ratings available for mobile home applications. Your cost to operate this system will be much lower than alternative lower-rated systems. This unit is a mini split, meaning the condenser sits outside and feeds the air handler inside. In this system, the air handler is equipped with an evaporator coil, which allows the compressed refrigerant to absorb heat from the living area much more efficiently than a conventional system. A high-performance heat pump will heat your mobile home in the winter as well. It’s also a DIY system, designed with homeowner installation in mind. WiFi capability adds convenience and an extremely competitive warranty which is one year of total replacement, and seven years on compressor and parts. 

Best Heating and Cooling System

This system is made by Revolv, who specializes in mobile home applications with its no-nonsense, approach to climate control. Featuring a 14-SEER condenser/compressor for quick cooling of small spaces, a 3.5-ton M series evaporator coil and a whopping 70,000 BTU gas furnace that can tame the coldest winter blasts while operating at 80% AFUE. Installation is easy for an HVAC technician, resulting in a lower installation fee. This unit is designed exclusively for mobile home use, easily topping residential HVAC systems. It’s recommended that you upsize a tiny bit to compensate for any lack of insulation. The warranty covers the parts for five years, with the first year also covering labor costs.

Best Air Conditioner

This 14-SEER, 3-Ton AC represents an outstanding value not to be overlooked. Whether as part of a new system install or as a replacement of an old component, the RSCQ364 will deliver comfort and reliability without breaking the bank. Heavy duty, corrosion-resistant steel comprises the exterior housing, giving it the durability needed for the extremes of the weather. The star of the power plant is its versatile compressor, built for reliability and quiet operation. Guarding against pressure variants is Revolv’s patented AccuCharge® system that monitors pressure and adjusts compressor speed as needed. Adding peace of mind is the warranty – five years on parts, and if any part fails in the first year, labor is covered as well.

Best Furnace

Revolv gets the most out of the 10kW electric element, which delivers 35,000 BTUs of heating power, more than enough for the average mobile home. A multi speed ECM blower distributes heat and virtually eliminates chilly drafts. This unit is easy to install for a licensed HVAC technician and easy to maintain by the mobile homeowner. The warranty is good for two years on parts and one year on parts and associated labor.

Best Wood Stove

The Buck Stove FS21 can provide a low-cost yet beautiful solution to heating needs for many mobile homes. If your mobile home is situated on a wooded lot, or if cord wood is prevalent and reasonably priced in your area, the Buck Stove can make a difference in both your personal comfort and in your budget. Ideal for small spaces, the Buck Stove radiates with natural warmth. For more wide-spread coverage, an optional blower helps deliver the heat throughout the living area. It’s rated for up to 1800 square feet, putting out 41,200 BTUs per hour with a fully loaded firebox. This stove offers an amazing 76.89% efficiency so you can get the most out of your firewood. The FS21 is safety approved for mobile homes, but not for pre-fab homes. It’s rugged cast iron construction gives it a hefty weight of 367 pounds, which provides the base for radiated heat even after the fire dwindles down.

May 23, 2022
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