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Gree Heat Pump Systems

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$100 off $2,000
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Double the Savings & the Efficiency

What does it cost to install or replace a heat pump system?

Local HVAC companies charge an average of $7,500 for a heat pump system plus installation for a 2,000 square foot home. Buy the same heat pump system online from for $3,000 (plus $2,000 for installation) and save thousands!


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Double the Savings & the Efficiency

Buy Heat Pump Split Systems Online

Split system heat pump units offer a versatile option for heating or cooling your space. Split AC heat pump units come with a variety of different specifications to suit your needs. Browse and use the filters at left to find the perfect heat pump heating and cooling system for your home.

We carry all the top brands – Check out our extensive inventory on Goodman, ACiQ and more. Goodman has quickly become one of the biggest manufacturers of residential and light commercial air conditioning in the United States. ACiQ (manufactured by the same company that makes products from top brands like Tempstar and Bryant) has an established reputation for being dependable and energy efficient. If you're looking for a more versatile air conditioning system, check out our full stock of Dual Fuel Heat Pump Systems.

ACiQ is one of the best quality mini split heat pump brands at a low price. ACiQ's High Efficiency Inverter Heat Pump Systems give you the latest intelligent heat pump technology and superior comfort, all at a reasonable cost. The system includes a state-of-the-art, variable-speed, inverter heat pump condenser, paired with a highly efficient ducted air handler and a communicating smart thermostat. This means you get the unmatched performance and efficiency of a mini split delivered throughout your home using your existing ductwork.

Can’t find what you’re searching for or have questions? Call us toll-free or instant-chat with one of our experts. We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service in the business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a heat pump split system?

A heat pump split system is an energy-efficient way to heat and cool your home year-round. It is a type of air conditioning that is capable of working in reverse during the cold months. During the summer months, your AC system pulls heat out of the house, allowing super-cooled air to take the place of the heat. In the winter, the heat pump pulls heat out of the atmosphere (yes, even in the dead of winter, heat is present in the air) and delivers it to the interior.

A split system is where one component – the condenser/compressor unit – resides outside the home on a slab, flat roof or landing, while the other component – the air handler/evaporator coil – resides inside the house. This is a very common configuration and can pretty much be considered the norm for family homes in the US.

To put it simply, a central air and heat pump system is an air conditioning system that also works in reverse to heat your home in the winter.

What is the difference between a heat pump system and a split system?

A heat pump system is an AC system capable of operating in reverse during winter months. A split system is an AC system where the condenser/compressor resides outside and the air handler/evaporator coil resides inside. In fact, most heat pump systems are split systems, but they can also be part of a self-enclosed system where all components reside within the same protective shell. This type of system is called a Packaged Unit. Read our article on the Difference Between a Standard Heat Pump and a Split System Heat Pump for more information.

How much is a split system heat pump?

When buying from a local installer, a split system heat pump, as a complete AC system will typically cost between $7,000 and $10,000 for standard family dwellings, but you can save thousands on your system when you buy from us at HVACDirect. For more information, check out our article on How Much Will a Heat Pump Split System Cost?.

At what temperature do heat pumps become ineffective?

A traditional heat pump on average will not operate efficiently at temperatures between 25 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Most heat pumps work best when outdoor temperature is 40 and above. However, there are heat pumps that can continue operating at even lower temperatures. ACiQ's High Efficiency Inverter Heat Pumps are a special type of heat pump that can continue running in temperatures as low as -4 degrees with 75% efficiency.

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